Hanoi in Photos and Travel Update

Hey guys, long time no see. Today I’d like to share with you photos from Hanoi and tell you about my and my girlfriend’s plans for upcoming travels.

Cez and Amy in Hanoi

Amy and I are currently in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. We have already been to a few museums, a lot of restaurants and walked countless little streets. Below’s a glimpse of what we’ve seen up to now.

Travel plans for February 2015

Thanks to the long celebration of Lunar New Year in China, I’m off work for the whole February. Although initially we wanted to visit only Hanoi for few days, once here, we found a cheap flight to Ho Chi Minh City (cheaper than the bus ride) and we had to take advantage of this. We then realized that it would be so close to Cambodia, that it would be a shame not to take this opportunity and see what the Kingdom of Cambodia has to offer (and how it has changed since my last visit). Our Vietnamese visas are single entry, which forces us to go back to China through Laos, which I’m sure we’ll enjoy. Therefore, in February, we will travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Do you have any recommendations as to what not to miss in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos? Are you going to be there and would like to meet up? Leave a comment below.

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