Cycling Update: from Hanoi to Ha Long

Cycling updateAfter three days of tremendous cycling (and a lot of breaks) we have arrived in Ha Long City. We have covered the distance of 180 km, met new friends, seen amazing sunsets and lost some weight (unfortunately for me).

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Quick summary

Day 1:

We left Hanoi in the morning, although not as early morning as we planned. Ending up just after noon on the road meant we could only cycle for half an hour or so before we had do look for a place to hide from the sun. In a small cafe, Agness took care of Facebook updates on our fan page, and I watched a random American TV programme. Don’t even know what it was.

All together we cycled 50 km (mostly at nights and late afternoons) and at 11 pm found a lovely hotel on the roadside.

 Day 2:

This time we have done it! We woke up at 5 am and left hotel at 6. The plan was great, but we didn’t expect the sun to be as harsh in the morning as it is in the middle of the day. By 11 o’clock we surrendered to the heat and found a little place to dring beer (me) and tea (Agness). Turned out, the business is owned by a lovely family, who are now our best Vietnamese friends. More about our stay in their house will be covered by Agness, very soon.

vietnamese hospitality

We left our friends after dark and got as far as to Hai Phong. All together 60 km on the second day.

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Day 3:

Woken up by hotel owners at 10 am we crawled out of bed. Yes, we were very tired. Normally, nobody wakes us up, but the owners wanted to get extra money for not checking out at 8. The night before they said we have to leave by 12. Nice try, but no luck.

In Hai phong I have taken Sim Lock off my phone and now I receive all emails on the go. Very useful.

The day was pretty cloudy, enabling us to ride most of the day. All together we cycled around 70 km and finished very close to Ha Long City. In a little hotel with very greedy landlady and bad behaved kid (who stole my LED bike light). We were too scared and tired to go any further after a random lady sitting on the roadside tried to tell us (using hand gestures) that if we continue, we will die.

Cycling update1


It was a great ride and we have learned a lot. It’s great now to stay for few days in one place, so that we can catch up with blogs and other work. Most of the time we were unable to concentrate on anything and rarely had a reliable internet connection.

We need some coffee to keep is going now as we are going to blogging all days long now till the next trip.

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