5 Tips on How to Start Running Regularly While Being a Constant Traveler

If you know me well, you know I’m a real running freak. I love jogging in the morning to kick off my day with an energy boost, or finish off my day with a quick sprint session to sleep better. As you may remember, my running passion inspired me to start my second blog RAR (Run Agness Run) where I share not only running but also healthy lifestyle tips with my readers.

after run selfie with medal
Post-run selfie with a beautiful medal on my neck.

In today’s post, I would like to inspire you to start running regularly while you are on the road. I know that when you’re always traveling to different places, it is difficult to run regularly and stay in shape. Especially with all the interesting sights to behold and exciting things to do in your destination. This can be a real struggle, but fortunately, here are some ways to ensure that you can start running on a regular basis. Even if you need to travel a lot for leisure or business. These tips work for me and I hope they will work for you as well!

#1 Find a Gap in Your Schedule Where There is Time to Run

Why waste time early in the morning watching TV, or YouTube, when you can go outside and run? A jog down the beach early in the morning is infinitely better than sitting in your hotel room. Running will also help get you energised and ready for the day ahead. If you plan out your jogs right, then you can avoid the frustration from the fact that you didn’t do your workout, and will help you feel satisfied throughout your day.

This amazing feeling after your morning jogging is done!
This amazing feeling after your morning jogging is done!

#2 Use It as a Way of Sightseeing

Running at home might not be the most interesting of things to do, but if you run in one of your trips, it can be a great way of exploring the place that you are visiting. A car cannot get you into those tight alleyways and grand squares. You might be able to see major tourist areas, but in order to actually get to know the culture, you have to get into these alleyways, squares, and tight streets. In fact, the best way to get around many European cities is on foot because the streets are filled with people and taking a car will be very slow with a lot of hassle. That is a time when you can jog. Whether it is jogging around a Greek seaside community or jogging down a beach at sunset, it is a great way to get to know the place that you are visiting and further enjoy your stay.

Once you start jogging you will want more and more.

#3 Treat Running as a Way to Move from One Place to Another

Why spend a lot of money on transportation when you can just jog to your destination? If your destination is not far away from where you are staying, then jogging or walking there might be even better than using a car or getting a bus. For example, when you’re in Italy, the streets there are tightly packed and most major tourist areas are very difficult to get to with a car. Thus, jogging is a more practical option to get to places while maintaining a fit, healthy lifestyle. This is also a great way of saving money.

Ready for a quick jog?

#4 Participate in Marathons

While traveling, participating in marathons or half-marathons in other countries is a great way to get to see the local area, get to know the culture, and staying fit and running at the same time. Some people even make it a point to look up on marathon schedules in their intended holiday destination to schedule a trip there and join the race. A marathon in a foreign country can be a great experience with lots of great memories and people to meet.

medal after a 5K run in amersfoort
Successfully completed a 5K run in Amersfoort, Holland.

#5 Make Sure You Run as Part of Your Vacation

When you really love running, you’ll find ways to be able to run regularly. Even during your trips within your home country, or across continents. So when you’re planning to travel, consider including running as part of your itinerary. You can even plan to do it every morning. So before your actual trip, make sure to check a map of your destination and plan out your running routes. You might also want to get to know locals or running clubs. Finding running enthusiasts who can help you figure out a safe path for you, or provide you with helpful tips along the way, is easy with platforms like couchsurfing.

Agness with running shoes
Running keeps me in shape all year long!

Try to incorporate some running into your vacation as another enjoyable part of your stay. Maybe even run in a practical sense (instead of taking a short hop taxi). There are plenty beautiful places and routes for you to go jogging, so you have enjoyment and exercise. But the most important thing, is to enjoy your vacation and don’t stress yourself, because, even if you gain a little extra weight, you can always work it off back home.

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Have I convinced you to start jogging during your travels? Let me know even if maybe just a little bit :-)


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