5 Tips to Travel Cheap This Year

Are you the kind of traveler who simply rocks up when at the airport? Do you find yourself dropping off your bag and going through security without any trouble at all? Do you enjoy your time at the airport lounge, drinking champagne while waiting for your flight?

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How much do you usually enjoy your time at the airport lounge?

If not, chances are you are a budding traveler or someone who is always worried about your budget when travel time comes. 

If this is you, better check out the following tips on how you can travel cheap this year. 

1. Book Your Travel with a Budget Airline

Flying on a budget airline can definitely save you money. However, you have to be prepared to sacrifice a little comfort. With budget airlines, choosing the seat may cost you more.

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Budget airlines, it’s a way to go!

If you’re traveling with luggage, be prepared to pay hefty fees too. So, to be able to save some cash on a budget airline, pack as light as possible and be wary about the food being served as some budget airlines may also charge you more for that snack or meal. Keep these things in mind, so you won’t have to pay for huge additional fees and instead only pay for the fare. 

2. Find Affordable Parking for Your Car.

Whether you’ve booked a regional or international flight, you have to look for a safe and affordable place where you can park your car. Parkos airport parking recommends that travelers should book their parking space in advance. This way, they will still have more chances to request for an affordable parking space reservation.

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Advanced booking for a parking space can definitely make your travel less stressful since you won’t have to find yourself frantically booking for one when you know your flight schedule is just a few hours away. 

3. Pay Using the Points You’ve Earned.

Think about how much you have been spending in your travels and instead of paying in cash, it is better to use your travel card. The more you use your travel card, the more chances you will have of earning points and miles which will prove to be beneficial on your next trip.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points and miles, you may use these to save money on airfare, hotel reservations and other travel-related expenses. You can even earn more points upfront once you qualify for a sign-up bonus. So, if you see yourself doing more travels in the next few months or years, better sign up for a traveler card. 

4. Travel During Off-peak Season.

If you’re looking to travel abroad either for a vacation or business purposes, think about going there during off-peak travel season. Otherwise, prepare yourself for hefty airline fares, expensive hotel rates and no discounts on restaurants.

Prague in winter
Traveling in winter can save you a lot of money!

Do your homework and see what time of the year is the best time to travel to your chosen destination. Airline companies and hotels offer lower rates during off-peak travel season because this is their way of attracting more tourists at this time of the year when travelers are not that plenty. 

5. Stay in a Hostel or VRBO

Hotels are no doubt costly. This is because you will not only be paying for the room where you will be staying but you will also be paying for the whole experience. This is when staying in a hostel or VRBO becomes a better option.

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Hostels are awesome way to meet people and sleep on a budget.

It may not give you access to an entertainment lounge, a fitness gym or an indoor pool but you can definitely save a lot of money during your stay in a hostel or VRBO. Besides, with a hostel or VRBO you will have access to the kitchen where you can cook your own food. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in an VRBO where the host can be so accommodating you will have free croissants every morning and some free food for lunch or dinner. 

Traveling on a budget may not be possible for budding travelers but if you arm yourself with tips just like the ones mentioned in this article,  you will be able to travel like a pro, without the need to break the bank. 

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