How I Spent A Day In Lisbon For $1 (As A Travel Blogger)

Being a travel blogger has its perks. One of them is fee accommodation and food tours in exchange of honest hostel/ hotel reviews and social media promotion.

Beautiful Lisbon!


Before heading to the capital city of Portugal, I had done some research into reliable and  affordable hostels across Lisbon and food tours I would like to go for. Once my list was ready, I decided to shoot a few e-mails to hostel staff and food tour sponsors asking if they were interested in service exchange. I didn’t have to wait long. After a week, I had my Lisbon accommodation and food expenses sorted out. Thus, I spent only $1 a day when staying in Lisbon. Finally, being a travel blogger and working hard started to pay off!

Bella in Lisboa


Accommodation – $0

Goodmorning Hostel – Lisbon


I stayed 3 nights at extremely friendly, hospitable and so cool Goodmorning Hostel – Lisbon for free in exchange of a honest review of my experience, which I have already shared in What’s Lisbon’s Friendliest Hostel? Goodmorning Hostel! post. It was my first deal made with a hostel, so I felt a bit stressed out and nervous, but everything went smooth and amazing. I enjoyed my stay here a lot and I loved taking photos of the hostel, talking with staff members as well as attending various events at the hostel such as sangria night or swing classes.

Food – $0

Tasting pork sausages


I was excited to attend free Lisbon’s Food and Wine Tour organised by Inside Lisbon and write a review of my day spent with my mom tasting different wines and Portuguese snacks. We both really enjoyed this tour – it’s a great intro to Lisbon and gave great advice on where to eat and where to go.


Marta was a fantastic guide. We loved the green and white wine and the cheese – so delicious! 

Here is the promo code you can use to get 10% discount when booking your tour with Inside Lisbon:

Promo code: Insidelisbon_etramping


My mom tasting some Portuguese wine


Absolutely fantastic experience, worth the money and your precious time!

Transportation – $0

Walking around Lisbon with a map of the city


Lisbon is way too beautiful to waste your time on taxis, buses or metros. Me and my mom discovered every single corner of the city on foot. We walked everywhere in search of affordable restaurants, souvenir shops and sightseeing spots. I also jogged a lot in the morning to enjoy the beautiful scenery, light breeze and the lovely sun obviously! In this way, I saved a lot of money and stayed in shape – 2 in 1!

My mom exploring Lisbon on foot with me

Souvenirs – $1

Postcards from Lisbon


 The only one expense that day were postcards of Lisbon we purchased at the local market. They were just way too lovely so we decided to take them home!


Without a doubt, working on eTramping all year long has been a challenge. We both have made a lot of sacrifices (dead social life, sleepless nights, working 24/7) to build up our audience and loyal readers and knowing that it all started to pay off was a truly amazing feeling. That was the first time I received something for free just because I was a travel blogger. Although it was a win-win deal for both sides, I feel like the biggest winner ever (if you know what I mean)!

Have you ever spent a free day somewhere just because you were a travel blogger?

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