What’s Lisbon’s Friendliest Hostel? Goodmorning Hostel!

When visiting Lisbon last month, I had an amazing opportunity to stay at a very charming and extremely friendly place called Goodmorning Hostel, located in the heart of Lisbon’s historical downtown area and close to the best nightlife.

Goodmorning Hostel, Lisbon
Goodmorning Hostel, Lisbon

Goodmorning Hostel is a right place to stay at for everyone who:

Entrance to Goodmorning Hostel
Entrance to Goodmorning Hostel

Travels on a tight budget

Having my breakfast at Goodmorning Hostel - Lisbon.
Having my breakfast at Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon. Serena is making waffles for hungry travelers.

The hostel offers 4, 6, 8 and 10 mixed dorms for budget travelers, double rooms for friends and couples, as well as twin and double room ensuites. Moreover, the price includes free buffet breakfast which is available between 8 am and 11 am every day.

Goodmorning Hostel review
Waffles at Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon
Irresistible waffles
Irresistible waffles made by Serena – Goodmorning Hostel’s Masterchef!

What’s for breakfast? All goodies you can think of – freshly chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and pears,

Goodmorning Hostel review3
Enjoying my first breakfast

Portuguese bread and breakfast rolls,

Fresh bread and breakfast rolls - good morning hostel
Fresh bread and breakfast rolls
Breakfast rolls at Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon
Breakfast rolls

mouth-watering cheese and tomato toasts,

Cheese and tomato toasts - always warm and crunchy.
Cheese and tomato toasts – always warm and crunchy

fruity jams, herbal and fruits teas, coffee and milk.

Teas at Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon
Green tea in the morning was a must for me.

Looks for a hostel situated in the heart of Lisbon


Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon stands on one of the city’s main avenues, it is just a few minutes walk from the buzzing downtown, great monuments and amazing nightlife.

Charming view from a balcony Goodmorning Hostel
Charming view from my balcony
Lisbon at night
Lisbon at night

There is a supermarket on the opposite side of the street, organic store with healthy lunches and dinners as well as Restauradores metro station, pastry shops and seafood restaurants. All within a hand’s reach!

Celeiro organic store, Lisbon
Celeiro organic store
My favourite pastry shop nearby Goodmorning Hostel.
My favourite pastry shop nearby Goodmorning Hostel

Is keen on meeting awesome people from all around the world

Swing night at Goodmorning Hostel
Swing night at Goodmorning Hostel

The Goodmorning Hostel staff is doing what they can to gather all visitors together each night so they can interact with other, drink some free sangria, dance, sing and cook.

Goodmorning Hostel review1
Cooking a dinner for me and my mom at Goodmorning Hostel

Moreover, the hostel will take you to conquer Lisbon’s castle and gives you a bunch of useful tips on what to see and what to do in Lisbon on the cheap. The staff organizes free walking tours, astonishing pub crawl and appetizer nights. Trust me, you’ll never get bored neither lonely here!

People are dancing at Goodmorning Hostel
Let’s dance!

Pays a lot of attention to cleanness and neatness

Kitchen at Goodmorning Hostel
Kitchen at Goodmorning Hostel
Kitchen at Goodmorning Hostel

Goodmorning Hostel is spotless when it comes to tidiness. Everyone washes their dishes, sweeps the floor and wipes the tables.  There are two huge fridges and the freezer in the kitchen where you can store your food. Everything is well-organised here.

Living room
Living room

The Atmosphere

Goodmorning Hostel is definitely about the people. The staff creates a great atmosphere and everyone (including me and my mom) felt like home.

Fullscreen capture 03082014 124829

We were welcomed with a big and sincere smile from João Pinhão -one of the staff members, who was so kind to show us around and recommend a few must-see Lisbon spots. Magda, who originally comes from Poland, talked to us for hours about her expat life in Portugal while Duarte and Duarte Antão made sure we were all fine and happy every day.

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My room

I shared the room with my mom. Our room was lovely, cozy and so comfy! We were impressed by the cool design and the balcony from where we could see breath-taking Lisbon at night.

Goodmorning Hostel review2
My room at Goodmorning Hostel

We shared the kitchen and the bathroom, but there was never a queue there. The bathroom was always neat and clean.

The bathroom at Goodmorning Hostel
The bathroom at Goodmorning Hostel

Facilities and activities

The reception was open 24/7

Living room at Goodmorning Hostel
Living room at Goodmorning Hostel
A girl reading a magazine at Goodmorning Hostel

Check-in available after 3PM and check-out until 11AM.
Daily Cleaning and laundry Service.
Free Luggage Storage.

Dining room at Goodmorning Hostel
Dining room

Lockers, hairdryer, iron, ironing Board, towels and linen available.
Kitchen: Open 24 hours a day, fully equipped with free tea and coffee.

Feedback left from the visitors
Feedback left from the visitors

Computer Room where everyone could use computers.

Computer room
Computer room

Free WiFi (as everyone was using it, the connection was poor).
TV Lounge: Cable TV access with over 50 channels, DVD player, piano and guitar.

DVD room

Living room very spacious and comfortable, very light and airy.

Goodmorning Hostel
Goodmorning Hostel


The entrance to the Hostel is made through a gift shop where you can find Portuguese Galo de Barcelos and other typical but modern Portuguese products. It is well served by public transportation: underground, buses and taxis.


Getting here from the airport: take Aerobus number 1 to Cais do Sodré and exit at Restauradores which should not cost more than €3,50. Goodmorning Hostel is is on the other side of the square.

Getting here by metro: Take the Metro’s red line to São Sebastião, then change to the blue line in the direction of Santa Apolónia and leave at Restauradores. (cost €1,40).

Would you like to stay at Goodmorning Hostel when visiting Lisbon?

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