3 Reasons We Are Making India the Next Country We Check Off Our List

Etramping is making it to India, finally! 

We are heading to India towards the end of January 2016, thus, we thought this post would be useful not only for us, but for everyone who has not discovered it yet. If you haven’t been to India, you just aren’t a serious international traveller, they say :-).

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Stunning picture by Boaz.

India is one of the largest and most populous nations on Earth. It is rich in culture and history, and there is so much variety found within its massive borders, that there is something for everyone – millions of things for everyone, in fact. India may seem a little intimidating to the casual traveller, but it’s well worth conquering this fear and going to one of the most rewarding travel destinations on the face of the earth. Flight tickets to India will be your biggest expense (and they’re not even that bad!). After that, it’s smooth sailing.

#1 It’s Affordable

India is a developing nation. It’s one of the fastest growing economies on the Earth, and it will surely be an economic force to be dealt with in the coming decades. It already is in many respects. But India is still far from a mature economy. If you are traveling to India from a developed nation, you will find that your currency stretches a lot further than it does back home. You can even explore Goa for less than $25 a day. So go to India. You’ll be able to stay in accommodations that impress and amaze.

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Picture by Maurizio Peddis.

You’ll be able to enjoy food and flavors that are beyond your wildest dreams. And you’ll do it all for much less than you’d spend at some tourist trap resort on the beach back in the US.

#2 It’s A Totally New Experience

India is nothing if not novel. Even if you’ve sampled one part of it thoroughly, there are many other places for you to explore. When people think of India, they often think of crowded cities. While this is certainly something that’s available to you, this is only a sliver of what you can see and do in India. There are pastoral forests and verdant landscapes.

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Photo by Maurizio Peddis.

There are deserts. There are large regions devoted entirely to religious contemplation and history. Whatever you want to see and enjoy, India has that available for you. Do your research on what India has to offer, and I think you’ll find it’s a place you have to go.

#3 It’s Accessible

While much of Asia is becoming more difficult for westerners to visit, this is not true of India. It doesn’t have the economic/political turmoil on the Middle East, or the suspicion of the West that’s present in places like China. Take advantage of this friendly acceptance of people in your shoes, and you’ll find that India is one of the most accessible major countries to get into if you’ve never been there before. In today’s world, you can’t take for granted that countries which are presently easy to visit will always be so. Visit India the first chance you get!

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Picture by Jeremy.

India is a magical place you absolutely have to go. Whether you’re able to stay for a week or a year, you won’t run out of stuff to do, and I think you’ll find the whole trip affordable and rewarding.

Have you crossed it off your list? What are your thoughts?

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  • India will never be crossed off my list. It’s the most exciting country I have ever been too. It can make you laugh, cry and stop breathing with wonderment all in one day (if not at the same time). Each state is unique. The people are delightful, the history fascinating, the colours electric. I better stop there or I’ll be going on all day. ENJOY!! xxx PS Goan food… oh my!!

  • I have been to India twice. After the first time I was sure that I will never go there ever again, but it’s like a drug. Once I got over the cultural hangover, I needed to go there again. And I will go there again and again as it’s the only place in the Earth where I feel like I’ve gone to another planet. No other place seems to be different enough after that. It smells, there’s rubbish everywhere, people seem to think that all outdoors is a toilet, they don’t mind peeing while standing beside you as there is so much people everywhere that there just isn’t private enough place anyway unless you have money and can buy some privacy inside the buildings. And people are just amazing there friendly, happy, curious and fun. It may be hard to find a place to eat after seeing rats and cockroaches crawling around, but once you find the place, the food is amazing. Best spot for cultural tourism!

  • India is a place I’m still really hit or miss about when it comes to traveling to. They have some beautiful architecture and it’s a very cultured society, but everywhere I look it, “Ladies, cover up,” “Never lose sight of your luggage,” and other tips when going to India. I’m sure you’re not too worried though, you have Cez!

  • I’m Indian….You just should be careful in India now a days due to women safety issues especially in North parts of India. South India is more safe and accommodating.

    Visit Kerala state it has lot of natural beauty, and Rajasthan in the North has great architectural palaces. These two states offer the maximum cultural experience.

    Taj Mahal is over rated, the best place in India is Ram Setu deep down south at a place called Rameshwarem. If ever one wanted spiritual quest..This is THE place to go.

    Good Luck

  • Me and Ben went to India a couple of years ago – it was the biggest cultural shock ive ever experienced and I have travelled alot. After 2 months in India, I was itching to fly to Thailand, however I would agree that India calls you back for more.

    We will definiately go back – we loved Rajasthan and perhaps next time we will head further north.

  • Hey Agness, I am from India and love to meet you, I can’t host but I can give you the tips and advice because India is a very big country so it can be risky also because every country has good and bad people so first tip is “Please cover up yourself”… we have number of frustated horny guys here and there :)

    So keep yourself safe and you can contact me anytime for more.

  • I’m hoping to go to India to visit my brother in law’s family in the not too distant future. I look forward to reading about your experiences!

  • India will teach you serenity, whatever comes after, you will not be bothered……I travel almost every year to India, I love it, once you get used to the chaos and of course sometimes very strange sights you will only enjoy.One piece of advice: never run around in western “sexy “clothes….thin long sleeves and long pants help a lot to avoid stupid looks from sometimes stupid men.please no hotpants or tightsleeveless shirts (moscitowise as well…..) In New Delhi go to the international travel bureau(open 24 hours…) on the first floor of Delhi train station for all your tickets by train through India….a very helpful place……

  • Hey guys!! I live in Delhi and if you’re stopping by, get in touch :) id love to show you guys around. I’ve not been traveling in a while and I’m itching to interact with the travel blogging community again <3

    • Hi Surya,

      Thank you for that. We would love to meet you as well. Let’s keep in touch and once we plan our stay in Delhi, we will definitely message you :). It would be lovely to have a lunch together and walk around your city.

  • India is on my list for 2016, I am hoping to get there in February, but if not, Tim from Urban Duniya suggested I visit with him and his folks later in the year. So I totes appreciate your excitement and cannot wait to read your posts and see your pictures. Happy travels. :)

  • This is wonderul news Agness. I’m so excited for you both!

    I have already been to India. I went 11 years ago (yikes) and it was one of the most exciting, most beautiful, and yet most challenging adventures ever. Ever!

    I travelled there solo and spent 30 days in Rajasthan. The best parts were the palaces, havelis, historical buildings, food, the people and the intense strangeness of it all. The worst parts were the overnight train ride, the dirt, the poverty, the lack of toilets and the constant spitting! Having said that, you’ll love it and have the experience of your life. I’m even thinking of taking my husband and son next year to either India or China, so let’s have all your blogs, photographs and thoughts.
    Have fun!

  • I can’t wait to see your photos and read about your experiences in India! It’s a place that absolutely fascinates me, yet the idea of traveling there is still somewhat intimidating. I think the poverty and street kids would break my heart on a daily basis. I’m very interested to learn how this affects your time there. Good luck and happy travels!

  • Yay, you guys are visiting my motherland! I’m originally of Indian origin but British so have never lived there although have visited very many times and I too find it a place full of contrasts in good ways and bad. It will be unlike anywhere else you have visited I’m sure and just be careful with the food as I fell ill a few times when I was younger but then you guys have travelled so much around Asia and South East Asia already that you’re probably pretty used to knowing what precautions to take anyway. Have an amazing time! Look forward to seeing pics :)

  • Wonderful to know that you are planning to visit my country….I hope you have a wonderful stay and enjoy visiting India.

    You are welcome to contact me via my blog / twitter in case you have any queries etc…

  • Hope you’ll have a good time in India… and as they say, “India Changes you…”, May that change be a good & everlasting. I’m based in Agra & would be delighted to chat with you over a cup of coffee :-)

  • Hi Agness, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time there! If you have the chance to go south, don’t miss out on the state of Kerala, especially the mountains (Munnar, Wayanad), the city of Kochi and, of course, the backwaters.

    • Thanks Pedro for the tip. I don’t think we have enough time to go South, but maybe next time we will include it in our travel plans for India.

  • Hii Agness, I am from Delhi and wonderful to know that you are planning to visit my country India. India is a very beautiful and fascination country. It is one of the most cultural and traditional country. There are the various beautiful places to visit like palaces, havelis, historical building and mostly the Indian food. Hope you’ll have a good experience and enjoy visiting in India.

    • Hi Priya. Thanks for the message. We are not in India, Jaipur. We are heading back to Delhi this Friday :). If you would like to meet, let’s do that! Find me on FB: Agness Walewinder and shoot me a message. Many thanks!

  • I am reading the comments and there is a sense of love hate relationship going on with India. Some of my fellow countrymen have even tried to become caped crusaders here. For all those who are interested , try to experience India sometimes . its a mad place but there is a method to its madness and if you do not live here for sometime , you will never understand and appreciate it. the beauty in its tranquility can be best realized if you do not just stick to the usual places. I know its difficult by By God I had the same difficulty in Slovakia where everyone kept staring.so basically humans are the same , maybe a little better or worse and dont rely on CEZ to protect you all the time . You should know how to kick ass urself.

  • If you are spiritual & love history, India will keep on calling you. It’s unique in every sense – culture, heritage, religion, food, and lot more.

  • I’ve been wanting to travel around the world and India is included in my must-visit countries list. I came from a neighboring country, the Philippines, and I’m excited to see and explore first-hand their culture, especially their foods.

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