You Know You’re on Khao San Road When…

Most foreigners visiting Thailand go to Bangkok and most travelers/holiday makers in Bangkok stay on Khao San road or in a surrounding it area. For those who have experienced Khao San Road, here’s a list of things you have probably remembered about it.

Khao San road, Thailand, two people are buying Pad Thai at night
Khao San Road at night

You know you’re on Khao San Road when…

  • You see people for the first time in your life and they call you “friend”
  • Most common greeting you hear is “tuk tuk”
  • It’s harder to find food at 10 am than at 4 am
  • Can’t go a day without Pad Thai (fried noodles with veggies available everywhere for $1)
  • Vendors ask for money for taking photos
  • Salespeople believe that you urgently need a cheap tailor-made suit
  • It’s ok to buy fake ID, Driving Licence, TESOL/TEFL Certificate, Degree from Oxford, etc.
  • You pay for charging a laptop in a restaurant
  • Party-goers dance in the middle of the road
  • Party does not stop – ever
  • Beer costs more than in your home country but everyone talks about cheap booze
  • You’re not sure whether the long-legged Thai girl you’ve just seen is really a girl
  • It’s not strange to see people eating bugs or scorpions
  • When you walk past some people they make a clicking sound and say “ping pong show?”
  • Every Thai person thinks you’re an American
  • Everyone sells iPod accessories but you can’t buy iPod itself
  • You can be thrown out of the massage place if you don’t want the “happy end” (not always the case, but happened to our friend)
  • You feel like you’re on the set of a 90’s post apocalyptic. (Contributed by @nickedynack)
  • it’s totally normal to see Chihuahuas dressed in costume being wheeled around in a wheelbarrow (sad actually), and to watch everyone scramble as monsoon hits. (Contributed by Koren)

Do you have anything to add to this list? Write it in a comment.


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