What to Do With All These Travel Photos?

Avid travelers know that when they return home, they are faced with one of the most difficult problems. No, we are not talking about the fact that as travelers we begin to miss the place where they spent their unforgettable vacation, and how good it was not to work, exploring the world around us. We are talking about the fact that when we open a photo gallery, we see hundreds and even thousands of photos that we took during our adventure.

After the adventure ends, we are left with a trail of many images that make us feel all warm inside. However, what do most people do with these photos? Of course, the first thing to do is to post on Instagram and share the new adventure of our life with our followers. But what to do next, so that the photos are simply not stored on the hard drive of our laptops or do not take up space on the smartphone?

Certainly, you can occasionally open the photo gallery, view photo after photo, enjoy the skill of your mobile photography, and remember the old days. However, instead, it is possible to add more value to snaps. You can install free photo apps that will help you to make interesting photo corrections. It can be so much fun so don’t hesitate to try them out!

Now we’ll go through a variety of methods for ensuring that your one-of-a-kind images don’t fade into obscurity.

Effective Methods of Using Travel Photos

Build a social media posting strategy

To gain greater attention on social media, you may create a posting strategy to make your account more famous and recognizable. We are not just talking about posting one photo on your page for a whole year and causing indignation of all subscribers that you will simply annoy with the same photos. Instead, you can think over the posting system and create effective posts that will get a lot of likes and comments.

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You can create posts and share interesting information about the sights you have visited, give tips for organizing trips, share life hacks, and more. In this way, your unique photos will perform an attractive function and will serve as photo cards for your posts.

phone with instagram

To start doing this, you first need to edit your masterpieces using free photo apps to make them even brighter and more eye-catching. Be sure to add appropriate hashtags so that as many social media users as possible can find your posts and like them.

Create an eye-catching slideshow and video sequence

When you’re not aiming for fame and attention, creating a slideshow is an excellent way to make a presentation of images.

It’s a fairly simple method that does not require any expert abilities. Follow the simple steps: upload slideshow software, select everything you want to share and add music. Now you’re ready to bring your family home to tell them about your vacation and share your amazing moments.

camera and laptop

In addition, you have the opportunity to make a video sequence of the moments of your vacation, which you can share on your blog or YouTube channel. This is a sophisticated task for which you will need a video editor, where you can bring your video to perfection. To make the video not boring, add music. However, it is worth remembering that if you later want to share this video on your blog, then you need to use royalty free music so as not to run into problems with copyright holders.

Consider selling photos

Aside from that, you may even earn some money. We’re talking about the ability to put your images up for sale on photo stocks. 

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Premium quality images from great destinations from throughout the world will be wanted on the Internet. After a while, there will appear much content consisting of what you’ve taken. Thus, you will feel proud, and you can also make good money on it.

Create unique postcards

If you have ever heard of Postcrossing or even taken part in it, then you know how nice it is to receive letters with postcards from different parts of the world and communicate with people of different nationalities. So, instead of buying ready-made postcards, you can create your own, which you will send to your pen pals. To create them, you can use free templates to style them nicely.

photos and glasses

In addition, if you often go on long trips, then you can use postcards with your travel photos, which you will send to your family members or friends. Sending letters is no longer fashionable, however, as we know, all new is well forgotten old. Fashion is cyclical. One of the most striking examples is the re-emergence of low-waist flare jeans.

Thanks to the many printing centers, now you can become a designer and create unique products. You can use your photos as prints that can be printed on anything.

shelf with photos

You can put your precious photos on mugs, phone cases, canvases, t-shirts, fridge magnets, etc. As a result, you may create not only one-of-a-kind home décor, but also gifts for acquaintances, friends, and family members.

New Journeys

Everyone fond of going on adventures loves to start planning their next trip when they get home. This means that before you choose a new destination and book flights, you can improve your photography skills to make better photos that you will actively use after your travels.

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There are plenty of online resources to help you get your hands on professional photography. In addition, you can use various applications that help to make exceptionally beautiful pictures. One such application is the NOMO photo app, thanks to which you can take pictures on your phone as if they were taken with different cameras.

If you use a professional camera, then don’t forget to keep an eye out for new photo accessories that will come in handy on your trips.


It is not necessary to store travel photos in your phone gallery or on your computer. Instead, you can actively use them. The above ways to use photos will give you a lot of new inspiration. You can be a new Instagram influencer, learn to create slideshows and videos, sell photos, create unique postcards or become a designer of your home interior. We wish you to travel a lot and take cool photos!


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