Photo Gallery: Romantic Porto, Portugal

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Have you ever been to Porto?

If not, we hope this gallery of one of the most charming cities in Portugal will make you want to go there!

The old part of the city is vastly larger than the central area

old part of the city is vastly larger than the central area

The Torre dos Clérigos church bell tower stands out in the distance…


 Huge river cruise ships sailing on the Douro River. This one has a swimming pool on its top deck


Some of the best places for eating are located along the Douro River’s northern bank


The Praça da Ribeira, where a bunch of restaurants are found is right by the Douro River’s bank


The Igreja de Santo Ildefonso is covered with beautiful aluzejo tiles


Porto’s architecture is so diverse, you can walk for hours on end, admiring the beautiful buildings


Porto is a charismatic, friendly city, which you shouldn’t leave before tasting at least one of the local wines!


The Capela das Almas is also covered in azulejos. They depict scenes about the death of St. Francis of Assisi


The Citroën 2CV AZU250 Fourgonnette light commercial vehicle made its debut in 1951


Some of these trams are more than 100 years old and, yes – you can take rides on them!


Igreja dos Carmelitas Descalços was finalized in 1768 and it’s one of the most beautiful churches of the city


The Luís I. Bridge was finalized in 1886 and it’s perhaps Porto’s best icon



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