Prague: Affordable, Touristy, and Fantastic

Everything must come to an end and Prague is where our Europe road trip journey terminates. It’s been a great adventure for the both of us, but it’s now time to move on. Before we do that though, we want to share with all of you the time we spent in Prague; one of Europe’s best cities (in our opinion) and a great place to finish our expedition.

Prague city

As the capital the Czech Republic, Prague wasn’t exactly what we expected. We thought the place was going to be expensive, but it turned out that the city was actually very affordable and had some great tasting food to boot.

Food and drinks in Prague are generally excellent quality and affordable too! Whether you want to get a taste of authentic Czech cuisine, drink one of the city’s famous craft beers, indulge in to-die-for pastries or have brunch in hipster coffee shops, Prague has got it all!

The city has some amazing architecture and incredible structures throughout; some of the best we’ve seen in Europe.

Charles Bridge

So, without further ado, here is our guide to Prague, complete with the walking map you see below. Whilst this guide may not have everything, it’s more than enough to cover a short stay in the city, and we even have a great place to eat to recommend (keep reading to find out where).

Prague Castle

We started off our tour of Prague at the Prague castle. What better place to begin our tour of the city than in this architectural wonder built in 970AD? Of course, the Castle isn’t the same as it used to be, but it still holds the same magnificence we can imagine it had over 1000 years ago. After all, this is the largest castle from ancient times in the world and a great place to get lost in.


Make sure to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral within the castle walls whilst you’re here. If you’re still in the city at night, also head over here to view the castle’s reflection along the waterfront. It’s a perfect photo op.

St. Vitus Cathedral

If there was ever a building which just epitomized everything which could possibly be a cathedral, the St. Vitus Cathedral is it. Located within the walls of Prague Castle, this is a must for anyone interested in either architecture or religious history. It looks absolutely splendid from the castle itself and is definitely a highlight in the city’s skyline.

Prague street

Having taken over 500 years to complete – starting in 1344 – the attention to detail is incredible. It’s a mix of modern Neo-Gothic and Romanesque styles, which manage to come together perfectly in a fusion of epic heights.

Make sure to visit the St. Wenceslas Chapel. Here you’ll find an unbelievable jewel encrusted altar, all for you to look at in its magnificence. There is also the 97-meter climb of the cathedral’s main tower, which will net you some great views of the city itself.

Charles Bridge

Next, we headed over to the Charles Bridge. As one of Europe’s most iconic bridges, the sights here are worth the walk over. The bridge goes for 520 meters and has a total of 32 ‘unique points of interest’ for you to check out. We have to say, we’re not sure if we managed to catch them all, but we’re sure you could with a bit of searching.

Charles Bridge

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

After this, we headed over to the Old Town Square. Once again, the square is surrounded by buildings exhibiting a range of different architectural styles and designs. Take, for instance, the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn, or the medieval astronomical clock. The medieval astronomical clock is one of the most famous in the whole of Europe and is definitely worth seeing.

the Astronomical Clock

We weren’t here during any special time of the year, but if you manage to line your trip up with either Easter or Christmas, the square is home to huge markets which sell every festival item you could imagine. The Christmas markets here are the largest in the Czech Republic and are made to resemble medieval markets.  

The Lennon Wall

Whilst this was once just your normal, average, boring wall, since the 1980’s it has become something more; it had become the Lennon wall. Now it’s home to a countless amount of graffiti and artwork inspired by (that’s right) John Lennon.

The Lennon Wall

The wall was actually a source of great annoyance to the communist government during the late 80’s, as it became a place for young people to write grievances and problems they had on. Countless layers of paint now rest on the iconic wall and are constantly being replaced by new artists.

The Lennon Wall

A Lovely Meal

Whilst we were out, we ended up stumbling across and eating in a restaurant which we just have to tell you guys about. That restaurant was called Hastalsky Dedek. The food here wasn’t only AMAZING, it was AMAZING FANTASTIC!

Food in Prague

If you happen to be in Prague and looking for a great place to eat, make sure to visit this place. You’ll have more than enough to eat and you’ll feel great once you’ve finished it all. If you head halfway through the day, you might want to schedule in at least an hour to have some post-lunch relaxation before you start back on your exploration of the town.


Prague offers plenty of comfortable accommodation options. You can find one using the map below. The search bar will bring you to any location, and you can use the filters to view experiences and car rentals. The icon on the bottom right will even show you a heat map of areas with shopping, nightlife and transit lines in Prague.

Affordable, Touristy, and Fantastic

Prague was a lovely destination and one we’re glad we penned in on our travel plan. The city’s history is incredible, as is its architecture and structures. We loved being able to walk around the city and fall into all the touristy places we met along the way. Everything was also quite easy to access, making the trip even better for us.


Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to see everything we wanted to, so we’re planning on going back at some point and checking it all out again. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to cover everything and put together an even more thorough guide for you guys to follow. Of course, if you have any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

What do you think is the best thing to visit in Prague?


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