The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Great Wall of China

It has been said that “He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man.” The experience of seeing this incredible triumph of ancient engineering is truly inexplicable and one of a kind. There is nothing that can be compared to standing on the edifice that served as a protection for civilizations so many centuries.

The Ultimate Guide to the Great Wall of China

This icon of China is a must-see on a visit to this beautiful country. It tells a fascinating story of courage and dedication. Read on to see why you should visit the Great Wall and how to make your trip the most memorable!

Why Go to the Great Wall of China

You cannot prepare yourself for a visit to the Great Wall of China, only prepare yourself to be amazed. Believe me, we know and you can check out our experience on the Great Wall.


This beautiful and immense structure was the hard work of over more than a thousand years. Slowly bringing together great sections of this wall throughout the Ming Dynasty to provide protection from invasion and protection for the very important trades routes of the time, including the Silk Road. At its height, the Great Wall covered over 20,000 kilometers, although over 30% of that is now destroyed.


Reflecting on this incredible feat of engineering, the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the project, and the many people that died and were buried as part of the wall that they constructed gives you a feeling of traveling into the past as you stand on the bricks that were laid thousands of years ago.

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You’ll also be able to test your own endurance, as sections of the Great Wall run for many kilometers over the steep and treacherous terrain. Especially sections such as Simatai or Shixiaguan will test to the limit the strength and stamina of any athlete.

How to Get to the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall itself can be accessed from many different points. However, by far the most popular and well-known sections of the Wall are in the area of Beijing. Moreover, different parts and chunks of this incredible mass can be seen from Hushan to the Jianyuguan Pass in the west.


Guided tours, that visit one of the most beautiful sections of the wall at Mutianyu, will give you direct access by picking you up at your hotel and bringing you to where you want to go. Also, they will be giving you inside information into what you are seeing.

Taxis are available from Beijing to the many nearby sections of the wall. A round-trip price is about 400 to 600 RMB.

How Much Is the Great Wall of China

This will depend on where you go. If you feel adventurous and try to go on your own to some of the more abandoned sections of the wall away from Beijing, then entrance will be free. However, the well-known and beautifully preserved sections near Beijing, such as Mutianyu, will cost about 45 to 60 RMB per person, and about 25 RMB for children.

Great Wall of China Highlights

There are so many different adventures to be had on the Great Wall of China! It truly depends on where you want to start your journey, and what part of the wall is closest to you in your travels through China. However, it is highly recommended to visit the sections of the wall that are nearer to Beijing.


Badaling is known as the most well-preserved sections of the Great Wall and is quickly accessible from Beijing. There are many different later additions that add to traveller safety. For example, guardrails and even a cable car route to ride up and see the Wall!

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Mutianyu is another nearby section that is less crowded by tourists. Especially during holidays, the Great Wall tends to become just a swarm of people. Heading to Mutianyu is a way to experience one of the most beautiful parts of the great wall that has been preserved throughout the centuries without getting too crowded.


To get even a bit more remote, head to Jinshanling in the Heibei Province. At about 120 from Beijing, it is still accessible from the city if you are planning on staying there. This tour of the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall offers a lovely, relaxing day of hiking this winding path. This section is located in the mountains with the same name. It is known for giving some of the most incredible views of the surrounding valleys that plummet down below.


The Great Wall of China is one of the most incredible feats of engineering ever accomplished by man. Standing in its presence and even walking along its top and through its many towers will fill you with awe and appreciation for the ancient civilization that created this masterpiece.

Have you ever visited the Great Wall of China?


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