Travel with a Companion vs. Travel Solo

Are you more solo traveller or you you prefer traveling with a companion by your side? There is the list of advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone and with someone I find the most beneficial or, in some cases, frustrating:



– Personal growth- time for reflection, discovering your personality and needs

– Learning new skills (time management, decision making)

– Gaining independence and self-confidence

– More interactions with locals and foreigners

– Freedom- you decide and you make all decisions when it comes to choosing the accommodation, food and travel plan.

– No arguments and no need of compromises

– In come cases might be cheaper- if your travel companion likes comfort and the money is never a problem.


– Loneliness- you can be more homesick and suffer from cultural shock

– More dangerous- no one who can  watch your bag or be with you in case of illness or another emergency situation

– Might be less fun- some locals might not get your jokes or have different attitude towards some stuff

– In some cases more expensive- you don’t share the expenses with your travel companion and pay for all



– Safe and more convenient- there is always someone to watch your stuff and make sure you won’t get hurt

– More fun- cracking jokes, having fun together

– Less expensive- you share expenses with your travel mate

– Less moments of loneliness and being homesick- your travel companion will cheer you up


– Arguments and endless compromises

– Being with one person all the time might be frustrating

Is anything else you would like to mention? How about your experience? Feel free to tell us in comments.


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