Travel with a Companion vs. Travel Solo

Spain part1 018Are you more solo traveller or you you prefer traveling with a companion by your side? There is the list of advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone and with someone I find the most beneficial or, in some cases, frustrating:



– Personal growth- time for reflection, discovering your personality and needs

– Learning new skills (time management, decision making)

– Gaining independence and self-confidence

– More interactions with locals and foreigners

– Freedom- you decide and you make all decisions when it comes to choosing the accommodation, food and travel plan.

– No arguments and no need of compromises

– In come cases might be cheaper- if your travel companion likes comfort and the money is never a problem.


– Loneliness- you can be more homesick and suffer from cultural shock

– More dangerous- no one who can  watch your bag or be with you in case of illness or another emergency situation

– Might be less fun- some locals might not get your jokes or have different attitude towards some stuff

– In some cases more expensive- you don’t share the expenses with your travel companion and pay for all



– Safe and more convenient- there is always someone to watch your stuff and make sure you won’t get hurt

– More fun- cracking jokes, having fun together

– Less expensive- you share expenses with your travel mate

– Less moments of loneliness and being homesick- your travel companion will cheer you up


– Arguments and endless compromises

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– Being with one person all the time might be frustrating

Is anything else you would like to mention? How about your experience? Feel free to tell us in comments.


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2 thoughts on “Travel with a Companion vs. Travel Solo”

  1. Avatar of Kama

    I prefer solo travelling, as this gives me chance to enjoy the culture. I wrote a post about solo travelling and travelling with friends, also getting inspired by your post.

    I disagree with some of your opinions. Travelling, lots of things to discover, etc. and still having a time to feel lonely, when you did a lot during the day? Hard to imagine. Cultural shock? I get cultural shock in Poland quite often, thank you. Mostly when people don’t act according to the etiquette. Including the obnoxious shop sellers, in my own hometown. i get quite a big cultural shock then.

    It can be more dangerous with a friend who has risky ideas or gets into fight, etc.

    Less fun because locals don’t get your jokes? No offence, but a friend doesn’t necessarily have the same sense of humour and won’t laugh hearing your jokes. Travelling alone means you will get your own idea of fun in action. Or you might learn new jokes from local and see how the sense of humour is different in various places.

    Isn’t loneliness and feeling homesick kicking in when you don’t have fun? If you have fun, you don’t have the time for those things. What if you have to cheer up your friend (not everybody can) or both of you are down, and you make each other feeling gloomier than its worth it? What if there is some problem, your friend is gloomy and you have both to fight the problem and the mood of your friend’s. Now, that’s tiresome.

    I could go on, but I did that in my post already. Cheers and have fun!

  2. Avatar of Babak

    Great summary of pros and cons. If you can find a travel buddy with matching style, I’ve found it to be the beast of both world! That’s why I started Tripolette, to help you find other travelers with similar plans and share your trips together. Happy safe travels :) check it out:

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