Saying Goodbye to My Students

Yesterday I had my last classes with Junior 1 students. This day was so special and emotional. It was hard for me to look at these monsters I have been teaching for 2 semesters and say “Ok guys, it was nice to meet you but it’s time to say goodbye” but I had to :( . We threw a goodbye party where we were singing songs, crashing jokes together and… having a blast in general as you can see in the photos below :- ) .

Firstly, we raised our glasses full of orange juice to our well-being and bright future :-)

Some students brought my favourite french fries and I was like “French fries in China!? No way!”- very nice though :-)

Most of them looked really happy as we had a great time singing English and Chinese songs :) like these boys

And these : -)

And these : – )

And these students ! ! !

You just need to show them your camera and then they go wiiiiiiiild!

These kids are the happiest I’ve ever met : – )

Like a boss …

Secondly, my monsters took me by surprise writing this on the blackboard…

My last Junior 1 class

 Then I received a card from them saying…

and a beautiful bunch of flowers smelling so lovely!

 I felt so grateful and honoured

 Will miss them a lot

It’s been not only a great teaching experience

but also a great fun :)

Some of them were crying :-( and were begging me to stay :(

Probably the most touching day during my stay in China

Backpack fully packed, leaving this Sunday :):) Adventure! Adventure!

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