Where To Stay In Guilin: Review of Ming Palace International Youth Hostel

Traveling to Guilin soon? Great! In today’s post we’re sharing with you guys a neat, friendly and affordable hostel you can stay at when visiting one of the most magnificent places in China.

Ming Palace International Youth Hostel

Ming Palace International Youth Hostel located in Guilin, China is one of the best budget accommodation options when visiting world’s famous Yangshuo river. This is definitely one of the fancies and coolest places in the area and worth recommending. We stayed there for 3 nights and paid RMB35 ($6) a night for 10 bed dorms and here is a short review of the hostel.

Location and contact

  • Ming Palace International Youth Hostel is located at Donghua Road, number 10 in Guilin, China.
  • It is penetrated with peace and quietness where you could find the standstill of time, brightly contrast to the disturbing city noise.
  • The area where the hostel is placed is facilitated with bus lines leading to all directions – from the downtown, through Lijiang River Elephant Nose Hill and the Lake Resorts.
  • You may reach our hostel by Bus in 10 minutes from the South Railway station and Long-distance Bus Station by bus.
  • Contact info: Tel: (86) 0773-2836888, QQ: 1790787734, e-mail: mingpalace158″yahoo.com and the website: www.guilinmingpalacehostel.com.
Beautiful lanterns brightening up the corridor
Beautiful lanterns brightening up the corridor


  • There are 13 different rooms you can book – from single to female/male dorms:
    [box size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]
    Mixed Dorm Ensuite    15RMB/Bed
    Single Ensuite         80RMB/Room
    Double Ensuite        120RMB/Room
    Triple Ensuite         150RMB/Room
    Couple Ensuite        150RMB/Room
    Family Ensuite         200RMB/Room
  • The rooms are clean and well-decorated.


  • Helpful and Friendly Staff (receptionists speak fluent English).
  • Unique Bar and Cafe.
  • Spacious common room(bar, restaurant, satellite TV and a DVD player, Free Internet ).
Roof garden
  • Roof garden( pool table, table tennis).
  • Self-service kitchen and Free laundry.
  • Information desk where you can grab a free map of Guilin and buy cheap postcards.
  • Free luggage storage.
  • Bike rental.
  • Tickets booking.
Pool and dining area

Food and drinks

  • Guilin Food, Cuisine & Local Specialties are served from early morning till 10 pm.
  • One of the most common dishes are: Guilin rice noodles, water chestnut cake, Yangshuo beer fish, Zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding), Lipu Taro Looped meat, Sanhua alcohol, pepper sauce and fermented bean curd.
  • The prices start from $2 per breakfast.
The bar area
A typical Western breakfast you can get here

Other Features

  • Li River cruises from Guilin to Yangshuo (The Meeting Dragon River (Yulong River), West Street in Yangshuo, Yangshuo Moon Hill, Crown Cave, Night Show-Impression Sanjie Liu, Rock Climbing and Bamboo Rafting).
  • Day’s Scenic Spot: Jingjiang Ming Palace,Diecai Hill,Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill,Seven Star Park.
  • Night market shopping.
  • Tours to the Longji Terraced Rice Fields.
  • Fun thing about this hostel was that you could write on the staircase walls, so me and Sarah set about graffiti on each floor.
Don’t forget to draw something on the wall!

How do you like this hostel? Would you choose to stay here when in Guilin?

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13 thoughts on “Where To Stay In Guilin: Review of Ming Palace International Youth Hostel”

  1. Avatar of Andrew

    I stayed in a pretty awesome place there too! Cant remember the name off the top of my head, but it was pretty cheap – although no dorms – and there were free meals and internet run by a very friendly guy. But hey – 15RMB a night? Well it doesnt get much cheaper than that!

  2. Avatar of Ryan Biddulph

    $2 a breakfast for starters?

    Wow Agness, not bad at all in this part of the world. The fare looks good too; you don’t know what you’re getting food-wise sometimes in China. The locals love eating or trying just about anything ;)


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