Lauching A New Blog: Run Agness Run

New Year, New Resolutions and the New Blog

I am happy to announce a launch of my new blog titled Run Agness Run. Those who don’t know me are probably surprised, but one of my biggest passions (after traveling and photography) is jogging and baking. Therefore, after a few months of sharing my healthy cakes, muffins and cookies recipes as well as keeping my followers posted on my running schedule/workout progress, I decided to launch a blog. With a great help of Cez, I am happy to introduce you to my new project – Run Agness Run.


A few words about Run Agness Run is my personal blog where I am sharing my running passion and love for fresh and organic food with those who are new to clean eating, those who have been passionate about it and those who seek for healthy recipes, colorful and yummy breakfast ideas as well as motivational tips and fitness inspiration. This blog is simply a reflection of my healthy lifestyle and passion for running. I will be posting baking recipes for gluten-free cookies, making colorful fruit smoothies, preparing healthy snacks for uni and work, experimenting with organic ingredients in my kitchen as well as sharing my meal ideas with my fitfam on Instagram (@runagnessrun).


Time management 

With a good plan (that I have already made for 2015), I will be able to run two blogs at the same time. Etramping’s blog posts will be published regularly every Monday and Thursday and my recipes for Run Agness Run will go live every Wednesday and Saturday. As I love challenges and blogging, that won’t be a problem.

Keeping in touch

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to become healthier when traveling or baking/cooking more healthy food, feel free to follow me on Instagram or stop by Run Agness Run to check out my latest healthy recipes for getting fit and staying in shape while having fun with food and sport. I really appreciate your feedback and support.

Any of you enjoy cooking, baking, running and traveling like me?

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