Moving To Amsterdam: Fun Facts And Figures

Founded in the late century, Amsterdam’s name originates from a dam on the Amstel River. The city is also often called the “Venice of the North”, due to its many canals.


What do the three ‘x’s in Amsterdam mean? There are several theories of its origins, among which are two of them:

1) That is derived from the coast of arms of family Persijn.


2) That the crosses stand for the 3 scourges that have hit Amsterdam in the history – water (flooding), fire and the plague.

Attention trivia buffs; the numbers are in, Amsterdam has over 2,500 houseboats, 654 gable stones and 8 windmills.

Amsterdam in Numbers


Inhabitants – over 811,185

Inhabitants in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area – 2,332,773

Nationalities – 178

Bicycles – 881,000

Trees – 220,000

Flower bulbs in parks and public gardens – 600,000

Parks – 40

Trams – 216

Ferries routes – 9

Markets – 32

Shops – 6,159

Antique shops – 165

Diamond polishing factories – 24

Canals – 165

Bridges – 1,281

Wooden drawbridges – 8

Glass-topped canal boats and saloon boats – 110

Houseboats – 2,500

16th, 17th and 18th century buildings – 8,863


Gable stones – 654

Royal Palace – 1

Statues and sculptures – 302

Windmills – 8

Museums – 75

Art galleries – 141

Paintings by Rembrandt – 22

Paintings by Van Gogh – 207

Was statues at Madame Tussauds – 140


Types of animal at Artis Royal Zoo – 900

Historical church organs – 42

Concerts and theatrical performances per year –  9,000

Concerts and theatrical performances per day – 25

How impressive are these numbers to you?

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