Donkey Republic – Changing the Face of City Bike Rental

Those of you that know us well are fully aware just how passionate we are for staying fit while traveling. We think it’s vitally important for body, mind and soul to keep in shape when you’re on the road, as travel – especially long-term travel – can really take it out of you.

Cycling in Vietnam
Cycling in Vietnam

Now we perfectly understand that this can be really challenging – you’re not always going to be able to find the time, or a decent gym, or a swimming pool with water in it; but there’s one sure-fire way of combining a passion for travel with a passion for staying fit – and that is cycling!

Hasn’t that been about a bit?

Alright yes, so it’s not like we’ve latched on to anything groundbreaking. Cycling as a means of both travel and fitness has been around for a fair while, but we’re specifically talking about the logistics of it. Many people already travel with their bikes, and often tour great distances, but it takes a lot of planning and an adequate timeframe to accomplish any itinerary. You’re not always going to be able to take a bike everywhere either, so in short – it’s not practical for everyone. A solution presented itself with the ability to hire two wheels.

a girl on a bike
A great mountain bike session in Rethymno, Greece

Bike hire as a form of tourism has become extremely popular in the last decade or so – particularly as a means to navigate and explore a city, but even with cycle hire shops and schemes popping up all over the place it’s enjoyed varying degrees of success.

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Reinventing the bike rental wheel

What year is it?! Surely we should be able to have access to an efficient, time-saving, cost-effective no-nonsense bike rental solution in this day and age, without all the hassle that normally goes along with it?! Well, how right you are! But fear not, for the wonderful fellows over at Donkey Republic are practically reinventing the wheel.

Donkey Republic app

They’ve come up with a brilliant idea that is changing the face of cycle hire, which makes it easier for us, for you, for everybody! Donkey Republic’s bike rental worldwide is simply awesome.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler really, and it totally eliminates all the stress you would usually incur when hiring a bike from a store or city bike-sharing scheme – and it’s much more flexible to boot! No more store opening times, no more dealing with staff, no more docking stations, no more using cash and no more proving you’re a human being. All you need is a working mobile phone to get started. Download the Donkey Republic app, and select a bike location in one of 61 cities (and counting) around the world. Seriously, they’re all over the place. You locate your chariot of choice by following the little green pin on the app, and matching the name of the bike to the information they have sent you. Isn’t technology wonderful?! But now here comes the really clever bit.

Donkey Republic how to use it

Donkey Republic has developed a bike lock that works in tandem with your mobile phone! You can unlock and re-lock the bike until your heart’s content, anywhere you see fit. Every time you want to unlock it, you select your bike in the app, tap “Unlock”, and hey-presto, you can ride away! You can set when to pick up and drop off the rental bike so as to fit your travel plans, since it’s available 24/7. When you’re done with the bike hire, you simply return it to the location you picked it up from, lock it up and tap “end rental.” Or, if you’re not done with it yet and you’ve still places you need to explore, you can check the availability in the app and extend your bike rental accordingly. Genius!

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A tale of two wheels in 61 cities

Right at this moment of time, this wonderful idea has come to fruition in 61 cities on planet earth, with around 1843 bikes available for hire using this technology. However, this is definitely something the team is looking to increase, and lo and behold, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so.

Donkey Discount

And as luck would have it, Donkey Republic bike rental have been very kind to offer you – our dearest readers – the opportunity to have 10% off a Donkey! How cool is that? Obviously, it’s a Donkey bike rental and not an actual donkey – but it’s still cool. So the next time you need some wheels to explore a new city, open the Donkey Republic app, and don’t forget to add AGNESSNCEZ in the space provided for a 10% discount on your bike rental. And you can put what you save towards a healthy smoothie.

Bikes in Amsterdam

Combining our two favorite passions of travel and fitness, Donkey Republic makes it easy for travelers to explore a city and stay in shape at the same time! And not only that, it’s ideas like this that are extremely environmentally conscious – which we all need to be in this day and age! We genuinely think it’s a fantastic program, and is definitely changing the way we rent bicycles around the world. Please share your thoughts below in the comments or on Pepo.

So what do you think? Would you hire a Donkey in the city?!


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13 thoughts on “Donkey Republic – Changing the Face of City Bike Rental”

  1. Avatar of Ruth Johnston

    What a brilliant idea! We both love riding bikes and this concept is awesome. Wish I knew about it earlier. This is the kind of info travellers like my son and I love to know so pleased you shared it – thanks

  2. Avatar of Dave

    I’ve never heard about this before, but it sounds interesting. I’ll be around Europe this summer, so could come in handy. Thanks

  3. Avatar of Renuka

    Travel and fitness really go well together, and bike rental is a cool idea any day. I hope India also adapts to the idea of biking through places and help the environment to be pollution-free.

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