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Machu Picchu, Peru
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5 Ways to Make Peru a Romantic Getaway

Peru can be an ideal destination for a romantic getaway if you know what you’re doing. Find out how to go about making Peru the ultimate romantic getaway!

starry sky
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Astro-Tourism: To Infinity and Beyond!

Mankind has always been fascinated with the stars, so here we explore the Astro-tourism phenomenon and the importance of Dark Sky reserves.

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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Machu Picchu

Check out how, when and how much it costs to explore “Lost City” of the Incas to make it a lifetime experience that you will remember forever.

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Best New Year’s Eve Destinations around the World

Many places around the world have a lot to offer when it comes to parties and destinations in welcoming the New Year. Check out top 10 of the world’s best New Year’s Eve destinations that you might want to consider going to these places in the near future.

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10 Dream Trips that Every Traveler Should Experience

The phrase “must-visit” is often overused but there are some places that simply have to be on your travel bucket list. Here are our top 10 places that every traveler should experience in their lifetimes!

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eVisa Applications for Tourists

You can now apply for your tourist visas online instead of visiting their embassies. Find out how and what countries offer Electronic Tourist Visas (eVisas).

Budget travel
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Exploring Venezuela for Less Than $50/Week

Venezuela is a truly awesome country, this is a land of steaming jungles, jagged peaks and gorgeous beaches. Let’s see how you can explore it for … $50 a week!

Budget travel
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Quito On Less Than $25 A Day

Ecuador is not the most popular place in the South America but if you’re looking for mountains to hike, beaches to relax or big city life, it’s all here in Quito!

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