Chocolate Paradise in Brussels: Where to Go and Where to Eat

*Before you start reading this post, please bear in mind it is all about chocolate, chocolate bars, sweets containing chocolate and hot chocolate. Don’t read it if you don’t like chocolate. If you are a chocoholic (like me), you will probably love it! After this post you will surely crave some CHOCOLATE.

I love Chocolate T-shirt
Do you?

Here I am in my paradise. There is chocolate everywhere I look and I am in love with Brussels (I mean I am in love with chocolate). I was even more excited and happy when I was welcomed to every chocolate shop and was given a free chocolate. I was always asked “Would you like to taste our luxurious chocolate, Madam?” (OH YES! PLEASE!)

Chocolate fingers
Chocolate fingers I was asked to try

Brussels is called the “Chocolate city“. Why? Maybe because of THIS

Chocolate balls
A great variety of chocolate balls
A great variety of chocolate
My favourite white chocolates
Chocolate display in Brussels
A typical example of chocolate displays in Brussels

The local chocolate is widely considered as the best in the world (After eating 10 boxes of various chocolate I can confirm it). The most famous are handmade chocolate balls known for their high quality and high PRICES as well. There is also a great variety of chocolate, butter, cream and sugar Belgian truffles.

Belgium chocolate
Very original decorations

Did you know thatthe average resident of Belgium eats about 8 kg of chocolate per year (note: I eat about 8 kg of chocolate per week) and in the nineteenth century, chocolate was a luxury of the noble attribute?

Chocolate in Brussels

My chocolate walk around Brussels

I started my chocolate walk at the Porte de Namur metro station. I found many chocolate shops around Chausse d’Ixelles. You can get a 250-gram box of pralines for 3.40 Euro (1 kg – 13,60 Euro) which makes it the cheapest chocolate place in town.

A box of pralines
A box of pralines

The next place I headed to was the Neuhaus shop with more expensive prices, but also more delicious chocolate. The luxurious 250-gram box of white chocolate costs – 9.19 Euro (1 kg – 36.75 euro). I recommend the white pralines so yummy! Once you eat one, you will not be able to stop!

Strawberries topped with chocolate
Strawberries topped with chocolate

The place with the most expensive chocolate was the shop nearby the Gothic church of Notre-Dame de Sablon. I had a few chocolate bars there which normally cost 14.40 Euro per 6 chocolate bars. So expensive, but it’s worth it . It was simply a heaven in my mouth! Wittamer, the provider of the royal court, is known for its chocolate sculptures, such as wedding hats or pumpkin for Halloween, of course, to eat.

Hot chocolate and chocolate
My lunch in Brussels in one of local c@fes – a huge piece of chocolate, caramel pralines served with hot milk and chocolate chips. Yummy!

On the opposite side of the square at No. 39 Pierre Marcolini I spotted some delicious looking chocolate cakes on display with icing on the top, but way too expensive (5 euro per small piece).

3 people are posing for photo in a chocolate shop
The staff in every single chocolate shop was lovely!
Chocolate shop
By far my favourite chocolate shop!

Actually there is no need to tell you where you should go. The chocolate bars and shops are everywhere. You should visit some of them, taste some chocolate and decide which one is your favourite!

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If you don’t like chocolate, you can always go for some Belgian waffles. Don’t they look delicious?

Belgium waffles can be served with fruits, nutella, whipped cream and different syrops
Belgium waffles can served with fruits, nutella, whipped cream and different syrups

Locals in Brussels make fun of tourists and foreign travelers diving waffles into 4 categories:

1) Brussels waffles (sugar on the top)

2) Liege waffles (sugar inside)

3) Tourist waffles (extra topping)

4) Extreme tourist waffles (extra topping, nutella chocolate, fruits and whipped cream – just silly)

It really made me laugh. I went for a traditional Brussels waffle with some sugar inside. So yummy!

If Brussels is not enough for your chocolate appetite, you can also head to Bruges – one of the most picturesque towns in Europe where you will be surrounded by ancient castles and traditional Belgian chocolate. I went there for one day with my host and we were warmly welcomed with nice chocolate “kisses”. As you can see in the photo below, I’m over the moon :).

A girl eating a chocolate
Chocolate monster’s coming!

Luckily, one of my hosts in Brussels was also a big fan of sweets so we spent hours and hours exploring the city and tasting some different cakes and sweets from time to time (means every 10 minutes).

A guy tasting a chocolate
We have been trying all chocolate “kisses” (name of a cake) and my host enjoyed it a lot :-)

Are you a chocolate lover?  What was your best chocolate you have ever eaten and where was it from?


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46 thoughts on “Chocolate Paradise in Brussels: Where to Go and Where to Eat”

    1. Avatar of Jessica

      I have to agree Steve ;) these photos are absolutely mouth watering, looks like you had such a great time in Brussels Agness!!

  1. Avatar of The Guy

    When I saw the post title I just knew it would be written by you Agness :-) Hmm Belgian chocolate, they certainly make some of the best chocolate in the world.

    1. Avatar of Agness

      LOL :) You know how much I love to eat, don’t you :)? It’s so true. Belgium has the best chocolate in the world without any doubts!

  2. Avatar of Kathryn

    Hi Agness, Great post and photography, although being a chocoholic I may be a little biased. I hope to make it to Brussels one day soon to do some extensive chocolate research myself!

    My favourite chocolate experience to date was a dark chocolate gelato in Bologna.

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Nice Kate. Never been to Bologna, but I guess it was a great experience. I don’t really like dark chocolate though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Avatar of Franca

    Wow! There is definitely chocolate for everybody’s taste in Brussels and captured in these pictures too, awesome!
    You were right when you said that after reading the post I’d be craving for chocolate, I would love some high quality one though, not simply a bar from the local shop.

    1. Avatar of Agness

      You guys must make it to Brussels one day. Once you try chocolate there, you will never want to try poor quality chocolate from the local shop! :)

  4. Avatar of Doreen Pendgracs

    SUPER post! You’ve redeemed yourself from the last one about Brussels, where there wasn’t a mention of chocolate. Now I can see you were saving the best for last!

    Yes, belgian chocolate is $$. But definitely worth it. And all great chocolate of the world is $$. Just ask me! I’ve been travelling the world for the past 3+ years in search of the best chocolate of the world as research for my upcoming book, “Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate.”

    So who has the best chocolate? I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate, so most Belgian chocolate is too sweet for me, although there are a few excellent chocolatiers who are doing wonderful things with dark chocolate. This link will take you to a few posts that profile 3 of my fav Belgian chocolatiers: .

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Wow, awesome info Doreen. The prices of Belgian chocolate are high, but I agree it’s worth it. I’ve read your post your cacao cuisine experience and it’s great! You look and sound like a professional chocolate taster. Unlike you, I love sweet milky chocolate. Thanks for sharing. The website is so useful!

  5. Avatar of Sorin

    can not believe how many sweets there are in this post!!! I really envy you this time; the only reason being that in Africa they have so so few sweets! :(

    1. Avatar of Agness

      I’m so sorry for Africa not having that much chocolate and sweets. Recently, I stopped eating as my mood was constantly up and down and I easily got depressed and sad, but I miss chocolate a lot. Can’t wait to go to Africa though! Thanks for sharing! x

  6. Avatar of Jessica

    I knew this post would make me deeply jealous, but I read it anyway! All I have access to right now is SE Asian chocolate, which satisfies when you’re desperate, but it’s no where near as creamy and rich as the chocolate you can find in Europe. We happened to visit Ostuni, Italy during their annual chocolate festival – I think that was definitely some of the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten!

    1. Avatar of Agness

      I know the feeling. I’m back in China right now and chocolate has no taste. The only once decent chocolate I can get is a snickers bar, which also tastes different than the one in Europe. Been to Italy and know how good the chocolate is there :)

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Unfortunately, I have not visited any chocolate museums in Brussels. I am not absolutely sure, but I think there is no chocolate museum there, but you need to check it out properly.

  7. Avatar of Erik

    I’m going to be in Brussels in April, and I’m willing to bet a million dollars some chocolate is consumed while I am there :-) (Some beer, too!)

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Nice bet! but be careful with the chocolate Erik, once you taste a piece of traditional Belgian chocolate, you won’t stop eating it and craving it all the time!! ;-)

  8. Avatar of Sofia

    I love Belgian chocolate and waffles, your photos are so tempting. I went for a chocolate tasting at Laurent Gerbaud in Brussels, it was fantastic and I highly reommend it!

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