Capture The Color Contest 2013

The Capture the Color Contest is run by the TravelSupermarket and it’s a chance for people to enter photographs in the categories red, blue, green, yellow and white.

Sarah of Thefurtheradventuresofbennett was very kind and nominated us to take part, so below I offer my five entries into Capture the Contest 2013.

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The picture representing the red color was taken in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. It illustrates Tibetan monks during their pray time.

4 Tibetan monks praying
Tibetan monks praying


The blue color expresses crystal clear Tibetan sky.  Photo taken in Lhasa. 

Tibetan street lamp in Lhasa
Street lamp in Lhasa


It is one of our favourite photos representing the green color. Magnificent landscape of Lhasa seen from the train’s window. 

The view you can admire when sitting on the train heading to Tibet
The view you can admire when sitting on the train heading to Tibet


Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot in Guilin, China. The yellow pagoda took our breath away.

The night snapshot of pagoda in Guilin
The night snapshot of pagoda in Guilin


The white color is represented by a snapshot of Tibetan mountains covered with some snow. Again, the photo was taken from the train’s window during our China-Tibet journey. 

Tibetan mountains covered with snow
Tibetan mountains covered with snow

Which one is your favorite?


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