Tibet Photo Collage

We were the last batch of foreign travelers in Tibet in 2012. Due to new regulations it’s unlikely others will be able to make it, which is a pity, because this country is one of the most breathtaking in the world. Have a look through the photos and you’ll see it as the colorful and spiritual invitation to the roof of the world – Lhasa.

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Cez Krol
Cez Krol
I’m always positive and never bored – there’s just so much more to see and experience! I began my journey around the world in 2011 with just $400 and one-way ticket to Asia. Still going and blogging today. You can typically spot me working on a laptop or rock climbing.
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2 thoughts on “Tibet Photo Collage”

  1. Avatar of Gemma

    Why is Tibet no longer letting in foreigners? I tried to find some information on google but nothing came up. Would you mind shedding some light to this?

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