Top 5 Food in China

Chinese food is characterised by its unexpected taste and aroma. Every province has its typical dishes, herbs and spices which you must taste. Here is my top 5 Chinese food you definitely must try when being in China:

1. Peking Duck– that’s a real treat! You won’t resist its thin and crisp skin, Mandarin pancakes which it is often served with and green onions.

beijing duck1

2. Hot Pot-it’s typical Chongqing province dish. Basically, there is a boiling metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table and you can add some ingredients into it such as vegetables, meat, mushrooms, tofu, etc. Yummy!


thumb hotpot1

3. Baijiu– it’s Chinese spirit, tastes like vodka but they call it a vine. It’s nice to have it with nuts or fruits (especially dragonfruit).

4. Baozi and jiazi– Chinese steamed dumplings with chives and ground pork filling. Real jam! Served mostly in the morning as a breakfast.



5. Fried rice with vegetables and bean curd– you have to try it, it’s so nice. It’s a very common street food made by locals. I know it might sound so familiar but the taste is different. The rice is served in bowls with meat and vegetables as toppings and if you put some bean curd (processed from soybeans) it’s gonna taste really good.

That’s me and the teachers having a dinner together.

China is pretty much all about food. The first thing people ask you when see you in the street, instead of saying “Hi”, is “Did you have your lunch?” (Chinese: 你吃中餐了吗?) and keep asking you while you are eating “Is it good? Is it tasty?” (Chinese:好吃吗?) You can’t leave the table unless you say “吃饱了” (I’m full). Moreover, having a lunch/dinner is a kind of ritual which might last even 2 hours.

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