Photo Gallery: Chinese Faces

I remember my first day when I arrived in China and I could not see any differences between people’s faces. I feel so¬†embarrassed¬†to admit that they all looked the same to me. However, the longer I live in China, the better I am at recognizing them which, believe me, is not that simple. However, there were some Chinese faces I will never forget for the sake of their beauty, uniqueness, sometimes weirdness or funniness. Here are some of them:

#1 Cute Face

A very cute Chinese girl.
A very cute Chinese girl. She knows how to pose


#2 Angry Face

Angry Chinese soldier
Not all Chinese solders look that serious


#3 Scary Face

A very funny Chinese guy
That guy made me laugh


#4 Sleepy Face

Chinese guy sleeping and holding a cigarette in his mouth
He was just about to smoke when he fell asleep …


#5 Hungry Face

Chinese woman wants to eat
“Hmmmm I wish I had something yummy to eat :)”


#6 Friendly Face

Friendly and kind Chinese girl
The girl looks so kind and friendly


#7 Beautiful Face

Beautiful Chinese girl
We must admit the girl is so beautiful


#8 Funny Face

Amusing Chinese guy
The guy is truly amusing


Which face is your favourite one :)?

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