Photo Gallery: Chinese Faces

I remember my first day when I arrived in China and I could not see any differences between people’s faces. I feel so embarrassed to admit that they all looked the same to me. However, the longer I live in China, the better I am at recognizing them which, believe me, is not that simple. However, there were some Chinese faces I will never forget for the sake of their beauty, uniqueness, sometimes weirdness or funniness. Here are some of them:

#1 Cute Face

A very cute Chinese girl.
A very cute Chinese girl. She knows how to pose

#2 Angry Face

Angry Chinese soldier
Not all Chinese solders look that serious

#3 Creepy Face

A very funny Chinese guy
That guy made me laugh

#4 Sleepy Face

Chinese guy sleeping and holding a cigarette in his mouth
He was just about to smoke when he fell asleep …

#5 Hungry Face

Chinese woman wants to eat
“Hmmmm I wish I had something yummy to eat :)”

#6 Friendly Face

Friendly and kind Chinese girl
The girl looks so kind and friendly

#7 Beautiful Face

Beautiful Chinese girl
We must admit the girl is so beautiful

#8 Funny Face

Amusing Chinese guy
The guy is truly amusing

Which face is your favorite one :)?

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Agness Walewinder
Agness Walewinder
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34 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Chinese Faces”

  1. Avatar of Angela

    I love the funny face!
    I also had trouble seeing the difference between people at first, but when you can see it, it’s almost weird that you couldn’t see it before.

  2. Avatar of The Guy

    Some great pictures there. I remember on my first trip to Shanghai some of my colleagues asked me if I thought they all looked the same? I was astonished to be asked by them. Thankfully my answer was no and still is no. Having spent lots of time with them I’ve found it very easy to recognise them. Any mistaken identity is just as innocent as my mistakes between Caucasians.

  3. Avatar of Dariece - Goats On The Road

    These are great! We also live in China and there are so many different faces. The people from each region of China all look different and the longer you live here, the easier it will become to distinguish between them!

    I loved the little girl and the “sleepy” one. They smoke everywhere here!

    Cheers :)

  4. Avatar of Si Ochoy


    East Asian people has a very similiar face each other..

    Maybe you won’t have difficulity when you go to my country Indonesia.. It so many etnic, races, and also, different faces x))

    Nice post btw Agness.


    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
      Agness Walewinder

      LOL, At first they all look the same but the longer you look at them the more similarities you can see. Thanks x :)

  5. Avatar of Arianwen

    I didn’t find the scary face very convincing! But I love the pictures. Humans are so hard to get natural photos of! Nice post.

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