Advantages of Traveling with a Companion

I guess everyone would like to set off for a lifetime journey with best friend, soul mate, someone who we can understand, have fun with and rely all the time. However, whether you travel with your colleague, best mate, girlfriend/ boyfriend, someone who you barely know or the random person you have just met, one thing is for sure- TRAVELLING WITH A COMPANION IS AWESOME! Nobody can deny it. It has its advantages and disadvantages but we all know it’s great. Let’s focus on benefits it brings us (assuming that your companion is not a troublesome person and you can stand each other) :) :


1. It’s safer and less stressful. 

It’s good to have someone with you who can watch your backpack when you want to use the toilet, find the way back home when you get lost or help you in case of any emergency situations.  Secondly, the feeling of having someone by your side makes you calm and less stressful about many things (safety and organising stuff).


2. More fun.

Nothing like having someone who has the same sense of humor, looks at things the same way as you do and enjoys traveling as you. You can together share the beautiful moments during your travels, crash jokes together, experience the same things in the same or different way and support each other. It’s much more interesting and exciting when you have the chance to share something with someone while on your road. Finally, there is always someone who you can shout at when you are angry, complain about locals or cry on his/ her shoulder when you miss home :).

3. Less expensive.

You companion can share the expenses with you. You can stay in one room and share the bill, buy a dinner and have it together,  etc. It’s good to travel with someone who has the same or similar approach to travel expenses as you do so you can support each other without having any arguments and it’s easier to meet half-way in terms of compromises.


4. It’s convenient.

You have a buddy who can carry some of your gear (good for girls :)) and take some photos of you when you want (what I like the most:)).


5. No loneliness.

Having a companion by your side when traveling means less moments of loneliness. You don’t think about it unless you get left in the middle of nowhere, far away from your friends and family. Then you wish to have someone with you :).


To sump up, traveling with someone is the best option for someone who easily gets homesick, is an inexperienced traveller or just social animal. We might sometimes feel like being on our own, having a social break and enjoy the scenery with nobody behind our back but at the end of the day you have much more fun when being with someone, especially for a long run.



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