Mekong Delta- A Wonderful Water World: Welcome to Phoenix Island

Phoenix Island was the last destination of the Mekong Delta tour. I personally think it was the place of the day. Definitely my favorite one. Why? It’s a very small, peaceful, quiet and pretty romantic island full of all kinds of bamboo bowers overlooking the river and a magnificent garden. Just have a closer look at it and you will fall in love with it!


Watch out the crocodiles!


If you fancy a romantic candlelight dinner, this is the perfect place for you!

IMG 0085

The weather was still lovely and this skyyyyyyy… Ahh, I’m in heaven!

IMG 0119

As you might see, the land all around the river was so fertile! You can find here all kinds of fruits and vegetables such as bananas, coconuts, mangoes, dragon fruits and so on. It was lush! And here is the bamboo bridge we could cross over a natural pool. One of those moments when you want to walk straight without titling (especially when the bridge doesn’t seem to be stable and you know there could be some crocodiles in there) :-).

IMG 0081

Some people went for cycling but me and Cez were like “Cycling!!!??? NO MORE CYCLING for us, THANKS!” so we took a walk around.

Lunch time!

The lunch was very simple but very delicious. You could have either fish with vegetables or a piece of beef with spring rolls and salad depending on your preference. All dishes came with a huge bowl of rice, of course! We went for a fish which was amazing- crispy and well done! Cez had some spring rolls as well.


We also had some fresh tropical fruits for desserts. A huge coconut for me and a bunch of bananas for Cez! Mmmmmmmm…

Desktop24 001

After the lunch some people felt like having a nap :).


We were so active though. No nap or being lazy time! We were feeding crocodiles instead :).

IMG 0113

Feeding crocodiles

IMG 00901

There was a crocodile farm on the island. Actually my first thought, when I saw them, was “Are they real?” The didn’t look like as they didn’t move at all (until you throw them a piece of fresh meat) and their color was like artificial. It remained me of a blown crocodile pontoon I used to use for swimming when I was younger. But… they were REAL! and HUNGRY!

IMG 0086

They were locked in a medium-sized pit with easy access to water.

IMG 0108

There were more or less 10-15 of them all together on the farm.


Everyone was so excited to see one of the crocodiles move! It actually crawled out of the water and…

IMG 0091

started to climb the stairs. Up and up so slowly and reluctantly.

IMG 0104

We couldn’t just pass the pit without feeding them! (You had to pay 5.000 VND for a piece of meat). It was awesome! It was so evil but we were teasing them with little bits of meat by resting the bait on the crocs nose and lifting it up just as the croc snaps at it.

IMG 01351

They immediately jumped out of the water to catch the meat. Some were even fighting to get some.

IMG 01661

So the fantastic Mekong Delta day came to an end. It was 6pm when we got back to Saigon with great memories and lots of photos. It was a wonderful place to explore and we enjoyed ourselves a lot!

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Good times.

Magnificent views.

Well-organised tour.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!

IMG 0183

Now we are back in Saigon trying to live like locals- far away from the flashy shopping malls and posh “foreigners like” restaurant but closer to local markets and alleys.


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