Why We Love Travel Blogs

A travel blog is a modern day scrapbook of your journey. Unlike traditional, physical scrapbooks that wear with age and fingerprints, a blog can remain a permanent fixture, which allows you to go back and read through your journey years later and it will remain virtually untouched.

Agness is blogging at the airport
Catching up with recent blog posts written by fellow travel bloggers I like

Or, if you continue on with travels throughout your life, the blog has endless possibilities for expansion and can only get better with more articles and photos added, rather than fill up like its traditional counterpart. And when there are so many ways to build your own website there is no excuse to not get started on your own masterpiece right away!

Blogging at Alona Beach, the Philippines
Blogging at Alona Beach, the Philippines

The best travel blogs are the ones with the interesting articles filled with personal anecdotes and images that let the reader feel like they are on the journey with you. With each article published, not only does the quality of the site increase, but also the documentation of the journey is further cemented. A personal travel blog is your way to make sure your memories are saved and that you can always have the chance to look back and see what you’ve experienced.

Taking some notes for my new blog post in Fatima, Portugal
Taking some notes for my new blog post in Fatima, Portugal

As well as acting as your personal space for experiences, a travel blog can also build bridges between you and other travelers in the area. Life on the road can get lonely at times, and sometimes it is great to connect to others who are sharing the same practices. You can get connected with others and by getting involved with more serious travel blog networks such as TBEX.

Alona beach girl blogging
Lovin’ my new office

As well as connecting with the other bloggers around you, a travel blog is also an ideal way to connect to family and friends back home. You can keep everyone updated in one place and therefore reduce the responsibility to call each individual person. Loved ones usually enjoy being able to share in part of your experiences and articles with your favorite memories and moments are a great way to allow them to do that. So far we’ve mentioned the most obvious reasons to start a travel blog: to document your experiences and to connect with others both home and abroad. But there are also some other ways that a travel blog can be a great idea.

Ready for another journey
Ready for another journey

The “responsibility” that comes with maintaining a website that others read and follow can be just the motivation you need to keep yourself adventurous and not slip into a lazy travel existence (if that is even possible). Perhaps you are deciding whether you want zip line through the Amazon… fear may be a reason that you choose not to do it, but maybe, just maybe, the idea that it would make a great blog article that could help your site and increase your readership could give you the little extra push to face your fear.

Tickets to Portugal
Tickets to Portugal!

Another thing that travel blogs do, usually unintentionally, is inspire others who may not think a nomadic lifestyle is a possibility for them. Reading about the exciting adventures of people that decided they didn’t want to settle for the traditional 9-5 lifestyle can make readers feel that they could do the same. Travel bloggers come from all walks of life which gives you no excuse to those not wanting to take the plunge because they are afraid or think they can’t do it.

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What do you think some of the other benefits of travel blogs are?


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