Why We Love Travel Blogs

A travel blog is a modern day scrapbook of your journey. Unlike traditional, physical scrapbooks that wear with age and fingerprints, a blog can remain a permanent fixture, which allows you to go back and read through your journey years later and it will remain virtually untouched.

A girl is blogging at the airport
Catching up with recent blog posts written by fellow travel bloggers I like


Or, if you continue on with travels throughout your life, the blog has endless possibilities for expansion and can only get better with more articles and photos added, rather than fill up like its traditional counterpart. And when there are so many ways to build your own website there is no excuse to not get started on your own masterpiece right away!

Blogging at Alona Beach, the Philippines
Blogging at Alona Beach, the Philippines


The best travel blogs are the ones with the interesting articles filled with personal anecdotes and images that let the reader feel like they are on the journey with you. With each article published, not only does the quality of the site increase, but also the documentation of the journey is further cemented. A personal travel blog is your way to make sure your memories are saved and that you can always have the chance to look back and see what you’ve experienced.

Taking some notes for my new blog post in Fatima, Portugal
Taking some notes for my new blog post in Fatima, Portugal


As well as acting as your personal space for experiences, a travel blog can also build bridges between you and other travelers in the area. Life on the road can get lonely at times, and sometimes it is great to connect to others who are sharing the same practices. Sites that connect travel bloggers like Travel With a Mate are a great way to meet up with some travelers going your way or perhaps you can get involved with more serious travel blog networks such as TBEX.

Alona beach girl blogging
Lovin’ my new office


As well as connecting with the other bloggers around you, a travel blog is also an ideal way to connect to family and friends back home. You can keep everyone updated in one place and therefore reduce the responsibility to call each individual person. Loved ones usually enjoy being able to share in part of your experiences and articles with your favorite memories and moments are a great way to allow them to do that. So far we’ve mentioned the most obvious reasons to start a travel blog: to document your experiences and to connect with others both home and abroad. But there are also some other ways that a travel blog can be a great idea.

Ready for another journey
Ready for another journey


The “responsibility” that comes with maintaining a website that others read and follow can be just the motivation you need to keep yourself adventurous and not slip into a lazy travel existence (if that is even possible). Perhaps you are deciding whether you want zip line through the Amazon… fear may be a reason that you choose not to do it, but maybe, just maybe, the idea that it would make a great blog article that could help your site and increase your readership could give you the little extra push to face your fear.

Tickets to Portugal
Tickets to Portugal!


Another thing that travel blogs do, usually unintentionally, is inspire others who may not think a nomadic lifestyle is a possibility for them. Reading about the exciting adventures of people that decided they didn’t want to settle for the traditional 9-5 lifestyle can make readers feel that they could do the same. Travel bloggers come from all walks of life which gives you no excuse to those not wanting to take the plunge because they are afraid or think they can’t do it.

What do you think some of the other benefits of travel blogs are?

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  • Great post Agness. Travel blogs give me inspiration for my travels. Also they allow me to dream about far away place I’d like to visit. Blogging for me takes away the stress of everyday life.

  • Some fantastic points! I love the thought of a blog as a ‘virtual scrapbook.’ For me, writing and sharing travel stories is also a great way to keep inspired between travels and be constantly reminded of why I love it so much!

  • I initially started writing one to chronicle my own travel journey but like you say, one of the things I love most about travel blogging is the way that people inspire each other – I have found lots of inspiration for my travels purely from reading blogs and although, I’m not a full time traveller, reading so many great travel blogs still motivates and inspires me to see even more parts of the world :)

    • I really love the way we all interact with each other and influence each other. Fantastic experience to share !

  • I’ve loved how my blog has connected me to new people (and friends), but mostly how it is a photojournal of this incredible year of travel!

  • After reading this post, I feel why didn’t I get an idea to write this?! It’s such a nice thought! Travel blogs are beneficial not just for the bloggers but also for all kinds of travelers. It is an honest media.

  • What a great tribute to travel blogs :). Blogging is really hard work, but I love having something to go back and read through, and remember all the places I’ve been. So all the effort is so worth it. I barely even remember details about earlier trips I’ve taken, and I think that’s really sad. So I love the part about blogging being a “physical scrapbook.” :)

  • I really enjoyed this post & I totally agree with your reasoning here. Travel blogs are a great way to connect with fellow travellers, friends, family and people who are scared of taking the plunge. There is no better feeling than someone messaging you, saying “thanks for inspiring me to get out there and travel”. Hell yes, travel blogs are awesome! <3

  • There are so many wonderful things about having a travel blog, very well written article! It might be a bit of extra work, but it’s well worth it to chronicle your journey and meet like-minded people!

  • I just wish I started mine sooner as I have a terrible memory and I’d love to re-live my earlier travels through my blog. I can imagine myself blogging well into old age and when I can no longer travel (perish the thought) I’ll be able to look back on where I’ve been and what I’ve achieved. And as you say blogging pushes you to step outside your comfort zone and to delve deeper when you travel, all good things.

  • Awesome idea for a post!! I started my travel blog to keep family at home updated (it’d be so much more work to email each one!), figuring that would keep me accountable to keep writing. Even though I thought I’d write way more than I actually do, it’s still nice to have that record of my travels – I like how you talk about it like a virtual scrapbook! Thinking of it that way I’m more motivated to post more – and that’s why I love reading travel blogs, always so inspiring! =)

  • What a great tribute! I always look forward to seeing what my fellow bloggers are doing and writing about, and love reading your posts. While I don’t have a massive readership, I think if I can help or influence just one person on their journey, then my blog is doing its job.

  • This is such a wonderful post. I completely agree.
    Travel blogs are a GREAT way to document your life/journey AND keep in touch with friends :)

  • I agree that a blog is like a modern day scrape book and it just keeps everyone updated with your life without all the frequent interactions.

    It will be pretty cool to read back all the entries when you grow old, reminiscing those find memories that travelling brings you and how it shape you to be who you become.

  • Not just travel blogs, what you said is applicable to most blogs. My mom gets more updates about me from my blog than my phone calls LOL!
    My main purpose for blogging is to preserve my train of thoughts and travel memories. Sometimes it is inspiring and funny to read back my posts of a few years ago and discover how much I have matured ;)

  • Great post, Agness, and I definitely agree with all these things! The reason I most love writing a travel blog is actually to practice my writing. I mean, I could practice my writing with a pen and notebook, but I just never ‘get round to it.’

    With travel blogging, I much more motivated to actually do it and upload my photos. Because other people are reading, it also makes me strive to become a better writer and (very slowly) a better photographer too. I like the interactive nature of chatting with other travel bloggers, learning from their writing style and photography, and also discovering new places. I know more about the world since starting a travel blog than ever before!

  • Love this post Agness. I enjoy reading other travel blogs a lot mainly because it’s a great inspiration for me to see that it’s possible to do what you love and of course to get some new ideas for future travels.

  • you have no idea how much travel blogs, and especially yours Agness, helped me make the leap to move to china. Blogging has been such a good experience and I love reading about people’s adventures.

  • I was so scared to finally open my blog and be exposed to the world without control of who saw my heart and soul in words and pics. Yikes! I discovered though that strangers aka blog readers and writers are generally so kind, warm, friendly and generous. While traveling certainly makes the world feel smaller, I wasn’t expecting blogging to do the same! It’s fantastic to be part of an enthusiastic and fun community. Finally, as Grace over at Texan in Tokyo said in one of her posts and I’m starting to see already, blogging is changing me in ways that I didn’t expexct. Thank you for this post!

  • It is so awesome to connect with other travel bloggers through social media and meeting in person. Just about every blogger I have met has been completely cool. This post is inspiring and makes me want to get on the road and start sharing.

  • Hi a good little motivational story.
    Ever since our 13week trip through Europe last year I have been bitten by the travel bug so bad. And all I can think about is travel and reading different blogs on other peoples adventures. A few months back started using FaceBook and Twitter to share our experiences. And now I am really thinking its time to start a website. Been looking into it a bit but just got to decide on a theme I like and get the nerve to go ahead with it!
    Really enjoy the eTramping blogs. Easy to read and its got good info…
    Keep up the good work…

  • I love keeping my travel blog and it has been a great way to connect with other travelers. :) It’s great because I can go pretty much anywhere in the world and one of my blogger friends will be there to meet up! <3

  • I love them too. Well written, interesting posts with good photos are always a winner for me and if they help me with budget travel planning/ideas that’s even better. I actually think they’re more reliable than guides these days too. Keep it up!

  • These are all great reasons! I had been wanting to start a travel blog, but then I kept receiving emails about traveling within South America and Brazil. I finally got one email from a friend and said that’s it!!! I’m starting my blog so I don’t have to repeat myself a million times. Now I can just send my friends a blog link, and then ask if they have any more questions :)

  • A travel blogger inspires other people and is also inspired by the things and people around them.

    I blog because I would like to share my experience of seeing or doing something with others. I also like learning and aspiring for simple knowledge and also to push myself to do something better. I’m not an introvert like a large number of bloggers. I’m an extrovert, but blogging is definately, a two-way street and I love it!

  • Whenever i read a travel blog or specific travel articles on places i am about to visit, i feel a connection after visiting that place and that experience is too good.

  • yes, YES, yes! nail on the head. I love reading others’ journeys and the different perspectives they have on their journeys! this blogging thing is mighty fun! ;)

  • Guys like you two keep me inspired. I’m always chomping at the bit for a new travel adventure, even if it’s just a day out & about. I love that you too agree it keep you interested & intrigued & reading amazing adventures from other foodie & travel bloggers just keep that old bucket list growing. Win-Win :)

  • Great points well made here Agness.

    A travel blog is a fabulous online diary to keep track of our travels and share it with the world. The days of keeping travel journals and a stack of photo albums are maybe beyond us now.

    I think you’ve also hit the nail on the head with one of your points. I must admit that whilst on the road I have sometimes decided to do something because I think it would make a great article for the blog! :-)

  • I don’t really need any travel blog for inspiration. I already have more ideas and wishes than I can visit in a lifetime. – But I like the ones that include practical trips, like things to see, how to get somewhere, what’s the easiest way to cross a border and so on. – And then I also like those which have a more journalistic or literary quality. I read them instead of reading a magazine.

  • That is all so true Agness. It’s a brilliant way to connect with people. I’ve been blogging now for 7 years even though my travelblog is only 3 months or so old. My life would have been seriously different if not for blogging. It changed my career path, made me some amazing friends and has given me loads of opportunities. I don’t know why I didn’t start a travel blog earlier as it would have been perfect but hey. it’s never too late right? Great article!

  • Hii Agness Walewinder
    Nice article and also nice travel blog. I also love to travel. thanks to share amazing inspiration article.

  • Great post. I think the inspiration that you talk of is completely right. When you read what other people are doing and have done then you think ‘why can’t I go there or do that’.

  • I loved reading this again.

    There are so many great things about travel blogs. I think you also highlighted one of my favourites about creating them – it is a never ending story :-)

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