Keeping Our Travel Memories Alive With El Camino Bracelets

“El Camino is your story. A memory of your journey around the world… Create yours now…”

That’s the slogan promoting travel bracelets we were offered to test by El Camino –  founded by Tom (English) and Candace (Canadian) – fellow travelers who during a month-long hike through Europe came up with the idea for El Camino Bracelets, and so decided to invest the rest of their savings into the company.

El Camino
Our set of El Camino bracelets

As I am a real jewellery freak (as you may already know), I was more than happy to spread the El Camino word and get myself  something that would remind me of my epic travels across Asia. This week we have received a small package from Banbury, United Kingdom containing 4 different bracelets me and Cez have chosen for ourselves. There was also a nice postcard attached which made us both smile!

El camino
A nice surprise in the package!

Before I share my first impression and honest opinion of what El Camino makes, let me tell you a few words about the brand.

What’s El Camino?

ca·mi·no – {noun} – way · route · bypath · road· path · track · trail

El Camino is based in a tree-house in England and they source everything they use locally. They produce unique travel bracelets which are a representation of the path you’ve travelled around the world.

As they (Tom and Candace) say “We love traveling, we know how addictive it can be and that’s why we started El Camino. Each country you’ve visited is an accomplishment and the country’s name becomes more than just a name to you but a memory of everything you experienced there. Your El Camino is a way to keep track of the countries you have travelled to. It’s a reminder to you, your friends and people you meet along the way of the memories you’ve created all over the world.”

El Camino

El Camino Products

El Camino

#1 Quality Products.

El Camino takes pride in everything they produce at El Camino HQ. That’s why they only use the finest materials for all of their products. From the high strength cord used to make the bracelets to the glass Region Steps, which are both hand made in England. Hand polished surgical grade stainless steel is used to make the clasps, Country Steps and Small Steps. Solid mahogany and oak is used to make the spacers.

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#2 Bracelet Choice.

Here’s where it all starts! We must admit that this is a tough choice. All bracelets are available in 7 different colors (black, turquoise, chestnut brown, purple, red, steel blue and forest green) and you can choose from either double or single bracelets. You can also choose the size of each bracelet – single ones can be from 17 cm to 24 cm long and double ones are 32 cm – 46 cm long.

The clasp is made from a surgical stainless steel and then engraved with the El Camino logo. The band is constructed from 4 woven cords, each with a breaking strain of over 34kgs… This bracelet is built to withstand everything you come across during your travels. The best way to start your El Camino experience is to check out their starter packages.

#3 Featured Step.

You can choose any country you have been to – from Cambodia, Serbia, through Carribean, France and Bolivia and keep your memories from these places alive.

#4 Custom Step.

If you want more memories of your time spent traveling, you can add personal touches by customising a Step on your El Camino. Did you meet amazing people while at a hostel in Costa Rica and spend the most unforgettable days together? Maybe you went to Thailand with your best friends and had the time of your life? Or maybe you celebrated your 21st birthday on a beach in Croatia?… No matter what the experience, there are certain moments in life you never want to forget.

El Camino

You can personalise a Small Step to add to your El Camino, do it for yourself or do it with friends. The Step could tell a thousand stories that make you smile. It can say anything… (there’s space for up to 32 characters)

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Here are some examples of Custom Steps that people have ordered before:

“Glastonbury 2013”, “To live is to travel”, “Wanderlust”, “Full Moon Party 2012”, “Rio Insanity 2010”, “Whistler Season 2012-13”, “London Olympics 2012”, “Bali Surf 2009″,”Safe Travels xx”, “Coachella 2011”.

Me and Cez got a step with “eTramping” each.

#4 Prices.

Starter packages cost £29.99 (Single El Camino), £34.99 (Double El Camino) and £26.99 (4 Country Step Package). There is free UK shipping on order over £50 and free international shipping on order over £90.

Our El Camino Experience


My choice:

  • Starter Package (Double El Camino), size: 32 cm, black, 1st country step: Cambodia, 2nd country step: Thailand.
  • Starter Package (Single El Camino), size: 17 cm, turquoise, 1st country step: China, Indonesia.

Cez’s choice:

  • Starter Package (Double El Camino), size: 34 cm, black, 1st country step: China, 2nd country step: Poland.
  • Starter Package (Single El Camino), size: 17 cm, black, 1st country step: America (the U.S.A), 2nd country step: Korea (South). That was a present and the countries reflected our friend’s choices.

In our opinion, El Camino have introduced the perfect travel accessory – a charm bracelet that’s affordable, stylish without being too flashy, and which documents your worldwide journey. They are comfortable and suit our clothes perfectly.


All of the beads are made and engraved locally, too, and they’re beautiful: oak wood spacers, glass beads representing regions. They look absolutely gorgeous and bring back amazing memories from the road!


How do you like our El Camino bracelets? Would you like to get some too?

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41 thoughts on “Keeping Our Travel Memories Alive With El Camino Bracelets”

  1. Avatar of The Guy

    Hey guys it looks as though you’ve found a way to take your memories with you in a style which compliments your personal preference in jewellry.

    I must admit that I’m not one for jewellry or bracelets. The idea of the steps though seems like a great feature for those who like wearing these items. They look neat, light and comfortable. You say they are made of high quality materials so should be an enduring memento of some fabulous adventures.

  2. Avatar of Stef

    I love them! I often buy bracelets as a memory of a placce, so this is a great idea to have one bracelets with your travel history. I will immediately have a look at their website :) Great idea Tom and Candace!

  3. Avatar of Sofie

    This is so cool!
    I try to buy bracelets everywhere I go but can’t wear them all at once (well I could, but I don’t), so this would be THE perfect solution!

  4. Avatar of Emily

    I like the idea of the personalized steps and also the durability of the bracelets. Not sure I would actually buy my own but maybe I could make a request for a gift! ;)

  5. Avatar of Dale

    A lovely idea for travel and jewellery lovers, of which there are thousands! Not a day goes by during our travels that we don’t see a tourist or traveller casting an eye over the jewellery at market stalls, so the fact that these can be so personal is a fantastic idea.

    I can already imagine just how many extra steps you’ll be adding over the rest of the year!

  6. Avatar of Erin

    I have one of these and I love it! It’s an awesome way to carry my travel memories around with me, and start dreaming of new courties to add :)

  7. Avatar of Victoria

    What a lovely idea! This is so much better than lugging something half-way around the world especially if you travel a lot. It’s also quite personal and will “speak” to you about your memories. Well done Agness!

  8. Avatar of Jess @UsedYorkCity

    What a great idea! And I love that they are casual enough to go along with any kind of travel, while holding those special memories close! I may order one of these for my wanderlust sister!:-)

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