The Greatest RV Trips You Have To Take

That sense of freedom when traveling by RV is quite difficult to beat – you can go where you want, when you want and how you want. And you can eat and sleep along the way! Without relying on public transport and other people’s plans and schedules, road-tripping can often be the best way to see a country. Not only is it a liberating way to travel, but it can also work out quite cheaply.

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Certain countries lend themselves well to an RV holiday while others don’t and this can be because of a number of reasons. In certain areas in Eastern Europe for example, where public transport is so cheap and quite reliable and the food is also good value, an RV may not actually work out as the most budget-friendly option. In other countries where it can be both difficult and dangerous to drive, an RV is not the right choice for those who may not be entirely comfortable behind the wheel. There are, however, countries and regions where the only sensible option is to drive yourself.

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Renting an RV is easy. Do some research and find a place that leases RVs, then choose one within your price range, get your license, and go! Below are some of our tips for the best RV-friendly countries:

The West Coast of Ireland

The great thing about having an RV in Ireland is that it allows you to get straight out to the west coast, where all the magic is, and explore! Ireland can get expensive, and so too can the buses and trains, so eating and driving around in your RV can save a lot. Make sure to hit up the stunning Ring of Kerry or Donegal for some remote wonder, Galway for the “craic” and the “Gaeltacht”, the Irish-speaking area, to hear some Irish.

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Mizen Head Ireland

Perhaps you can even purchase some freshly caught fish from the Atlantic and cook it in your new home on wheels.

The Patagonian Way

Patagonia, for obvious reasons, struggles with a reliable bus service – an RV is definitely the recommended method of travel. The region of Patagonia straddles both Chile and Argentina and is well and truly a sight for sore eyes. Driving through this area will make you feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things – but in a good way! The sights, the culture, nature and the languages all differ greatly along this route.

The Beaches of Portugal

Remote countryside, lively cities, vineyards and some of the best beaches in Europe make Portugal a very popular destination. The coast of Portugal is a dream to drive through, and you’ll find that many others are doing the same. With a large surf culture, people in vans looking for the biggest wave is a common site.


Aside from this, the hidden coves, the delicious food, the weather and the people make this a very tempting country to spend an extended amount of time in.

If you are looking for something off the main island of Portugal, you can consider visiting the interesting island of Madeira.

The Garden Route of South Africa

The south coast of South Africa is a beautiful road trip holiday with the garden route that stretches from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. The range of wildlife, activities and landscape along this trip is very impressive.

Garden Route of South Africa

Meandering through national parks, vineyards, lakes and cliff edges, makes this a very worthwhile trip – keep your eyes peeled for a host of different birds and marine animals.

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The Vast United States of America

The most classic RV trip is probably the one across the US. Depending on how much time you have, of course, a road trip across the States is so large and will probably allow you to see places you would never have otherwise.

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Again, the diversity in culture, accents, landscape and weather is astounding. There are heaps of road trip options, so just have a look at one of the many guides out there.

The Magnificent Island of New Zealand

New Zealand is another popular destination for road trips. Films like The Lord of the Rings brought this small pair of islands of only 4.4 million people to everybody’s attention.

New Zealand Island

Its breath-taking nature and friendly locals, make it a great option for an RV holiday. A road trip is one of the only ways to really explore New Zealand for what it is. Experience mountain tops, lakes, fiords, glaciers and a lot of rolling green fields. New Zealand is very remote and some areas are inaccessible without a vehicle, making an RV the ideal means of transport.

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Where else should we go for the greatest RV trip?


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9 thoughts on “The Greatest RV Trips You Have To Take”

  1. Avatar of Steve C

    Hi again Agness, it’s your “old timer follower”,

    I’ve got lots of experience on this topic.
    1) Toured around Europe for six months in a VW camper van.
    2) Drove to Costa Rica and back from Calif. in a Truck Camper, taking a year to make the R/T.
    3) I’m now living in a second truck camper, with plans to spend six months of each year touring around North and Central America.

    I sold my house this summer and plan to travel here and everywhere around the world for the rest of my life, or at least until my body or head give out.
    I’m traveling solo and chose to travel in a truck camper as it’s much smaller than a large RV. Pulling a 5th wheel or trailer is not fun on city streets either. My pickup is 4 wheel drive so I can go just about anywhere. And it’s short enough to park just about anywhere too. If there’s two of you, there’s plenty of room as both trips #1 & #2 above were with a traveling partner (wife). If you plan to stay awhile in a place you really like, you can off-load the camper on it’s jacks and drive around in the pickup with the camper back in the campground.
    I’m totally sold on this type of travel and would recommend it to everyone. Anyone wanting more information on this topic should go to: Truck Camper Magazine website
    Happy Trails

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Hey Steve! Great to hear from you! x
      Many thanks for sharing such useful info, really appreciate that. How are you doing? X x

  2. Avatar of Caren

    We’ve been fascinated with the “Van Life Movement” that seems to be mega-popular right now. Great list of inspiring destinations to try it out in. We’re planning right now a trip around the US, and we can’t wait!

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

      Thanks a lot, Caren. Van Life Movement is very popular these days, that’s true. Good luck with planning your US trip. I’m so excited for you!

  3. Avatar of Liesbet

    After traveling a few years in a truck camper and eight years on a sailboat, I am convinced that exploring the world overland is much easier, cheaper and less challenging than over the seven seas! Renting an RV is expensive, though, so having your own might be the solution. Finding the perfect one is the challenging part. We used to have truck campers to explore North and Central America in the past and are on the lookout for a camper van for future adventures. Did you rent RVs for all these trips?

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