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It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was asked by my Chinese family to go with them to a town called Bian Cheng (located on our way to Xiushan) as they wanted to visit their friends. At first I thought that it’s going to be a small village and there is nothing here to sightsee. But I was wrong. Bian Cheng amazed me by its well-preserved ancient look, a beautiful river and typical for this place colorful boats. It’s a very small town but incredibly charming. It has its unique customs, traditional uniforms, arts as well as many distinctive architectural. Some people think it’s the second Fenghuang, very famous town located in Hunan province that I’m going to see as well very soon. Bian Cheng is placed in a mountain setting, incorporating the natural flow of water into city layout. Me, my Chinese family and their friends had a dinner together, went for a walk across the river and spoke about a very famous Chinese writer whose this place is dedicated to.

For some reason, old Chinese buildings and towns fascinate me a lot, more than modern Shanghai or Hong Kong. When I visited Bian Cheng, I felt like I was in a different world, a place where time has stopped, like in a fairy tale. Local people are so close to nature, there is no rush, the time goes by so slowly so I could think about my life, my future and you know what, I felt so happy and fulfilled. It was another lesson of humility, another wonderful day. I’m so blessed and thankful…. Achhh!

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