Eastern Europe

Last Updated: 24 February 2018
Locked behind the iron curtain for many years, most Eastern European countries have only recently opened up to international travel, and what visitors have found is an area culturally rich, and steeped in history.

Eastern European countries are less expensive than many other European destinations and yet they have as much to offer. Russia, the largest country on earth, extends from the tropical beaches in the south to the frozen Arctic north.

Although the entire area bears the scatterings of ancient ruins and Orthodox church domes that dominate the skyline, Romania and the Czech Republic are standouts with castles, palaces, cobbled streets and ancient churches, that share the limelight with contemporary cities.

Eastern Europe

Many of the countries in this area have well developed winelands, unspoilt mountain landscapes, and a treasure trove of ruins and relics of the many people that have made this home.

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Eastern Europe


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