Getting Ready for Shanghai and Xi’an Trip

altThere are seven official public holidays in China. As I have mentioned before, one of them is Mid-Autumn Festival and the other one is National Day celebrated on 1st of October. For this reason, I’m off work for 10 days so I decided to plan my next trip. This time I’m going to Shanghai, to see my Chinese friends, do some shopping and go sightseeing, and Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors-astonishing artistry from ancient China (one of the eight miracles in the world). I bought my tickets to Shanghai this morning and I’m leaving tomorrow at 6.30 am from Huayuan bus station to Jishou train station and from Jishou I will go directly to Shanghai (23hrs by train). I’m going to stay in Shanghai for 5 days and then head to Xi’an for another 5 days. I’m taking my China Lonely Planet book to find some hostels and restaurants on the road :-).
See you in 10 days!


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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Shanghai and Xi’an Trip”

  1. Avatar of Agustina

    It`s amazing what you`re doing guys!
    I was wondering which book guide did you used to get around China.

    Thank you!
    Have a great time!

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