Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Jamaica

If given the chance, everyone should visit Jamaica at some point. There is nothing quite like visiting a tropical island and finding the right luxury resort (just one of the many things you need to get right). However, what goes overlooked is the number of things to do in Jamaica; it’s more than just a place to lounge around on the beach, drinking cocktails, trust us!

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Here are some of the top activities to make the most out of a vacation in Jamaica.

#1 Water Park

Being an extremely hot and laid-back country, a water park can be a great way to inject some fresh adrenaline whilst keeping cool. That’s why some of the hotels have a water park for kids included.

Kool Runnings Water Park is perhaps the largest and is extremely child-friendly. It’s over 5 acres big and sits in Negril with around 10 slides, waterfalls, sports bars, and several restaurants.

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This park is completely open to the public (unlike many that are just for resort guests). There are also tickets available that can include other activities such as go-karting and paintball.

#2 Spa

Of course, being a tropical island that is rife in luxury resorts, a spa should certainly be on the agenda when visiting. After attending the many activities on this list, a relaxing massage in your hotel will have been earned.

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There are many wellness services for short spa visits that will have an all-round focus on healing you and leaving you with a feeling of rejuvenation.  This service is paid separately.

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#3 Bamboo Rafting

Rafting down the Martha Brae River is the epitome of a romantic and relaxing excursion in Jamaica. For 90 minutes, you can float in a bamboo raft and enjoy the local culture and beautiful nature of Montego Bay. Because this is popular among tourists, there are now many bars that you can stop off at, as well as some craft shops.

#4 Bob Marley Museum

When you think of Jamaica, Bob Marley certainly comes to mind. Loved around the world, being in Jamaica gives an opportunity to visit his home that he purchased in 1975.

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When in Jamaica, you must visit Bob Marley’s home that is in Nine Mails.

Bob Marley’s home is in Nine Mails, near to Runway Bay, and is full of his personal treasure, architecture and an 80-seat theater.  Tickets start at $25 and there is also a chance to pick up some souvenirs at the gift shop.

#5 Laguna Luminosa

Laguna Luminosa is an incredible lagoon in Montego Bay, which is surrounded by mangroves. Inside the lagoon, millions of microscopic organisms live there and emit light upon being disturbed. This gives an illusion of shooting stars because you can see tiny fluorescent fluttering around, lighting up an incredible lagoon. Only four of these lagoons exist in the world, and Jamaica is considered to be the best.

#6 Mystic Mountain

Visiting Mystic Mountain in Jamaica gives you a chance to go on a rainforest adventure where you can experience the local culture and incredible ecosystem.

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Get yourself lost in the mountains when in Jamaica.

This trip will give you a new appreciation for the environment and want to sustain it. There are photo opportunities and a photo safari which takes you from the sea up to a 700-foot mountain peak. There also some environmentally friendly activities such as a bobsleigh-esque ride down a mountain which will give you a thrill as well as some inspiring views.

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#7 See the Waterfalls

Waterfalls are an absolute must when visiting a tropical island like Jamaica. Dunn’s River Falls is an extremely popular choice as it not only looks incredible but you can climb the cascades and walk through the rainforest nearby. Paying for a tour is a must as you will learn all about the therapeutic uses of the native spices and local herbs, as well as transportation to and from there. Many of the waterfalls provide an opportunity to enjoy swimming in the lagoons to cool off and get back in touch with nature.

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Waterfalls, something incredible to experience in Jamaica.

There are plenty of activities to do in Jamaica and it is certainly more than just a beach holiday (although that is certainly a big part). It is good to book many of these activities ahead of time in order to ensure to secure a ticket, but mainly to save money as you may be charged more when you’re there.

What would be your favorite activity in Jamaica?



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