Best Destinations for Bloggers in 2022

You’re reading this article because you want to find a perfect place to settle for a while to work on your blog. It means that you are:

  • about to start a blog,
  • you have recently started your blog, or
  • you’re an established blogger.
Blogging at the beach in the Maldives
Agness blogging at the beach in the Maldives. Seems like a dream job, right?  

In all of the above situations – even though your experience level differs – your needs are very similar. You need a place where:

  • the internet is fast and reliable,
  • it’s relatively cheap (since you can work from anywhere, go somewhere you can afford a decent living),
  • there are other bloggers around (so you can network and learn from each other),
  • you don’t have to explain to everyone around that you aren’t unemployed, you don’t need help finding a “real” job, and you don’t have unlimited time because you don’t work 9 to 5 (sorry for the angry voice – it’s not like I’ve had enough of explaining myself).

I’ve been traveling and blogging since 2011, together with my blogging partner (Agness), and we’ve been to some of the best blogger hotspots, while we also heard from our fellow bloggers about other and upcoming digital nomad destinations for 2019

Here you’ll find a list of best places to work on your blog in 2019:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Surrounded with culture, beauty and other like-minded travelers, Chiang Mai, is the most popular digital nomad destination. There are many reasons why this is such a great hotspot for bloggers, but the main draws are the fact that it’s cheap, it’s safe, it’s peaceful and the locals are some of the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. Spend your days exploring golden-roofed temples and the old city walls, head out into the jungle for an unforgettable trekking experience, or simply work together with all the other bloggers in the Camp at the Maya Shopping Mall.

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Advantages of blogging from Chiang Mai

  • Very low cost of living (monthly rent $200-$500)
  • Good weather (easier to stay positive and no need to spend money on winter clothing)
  • Probably the highest concentration of digital nomads in the world
  • Plenty of things to do in the city and around
chiang mai 1670926 1920 1
Welcome to Chiang Mai – the most popular digital nomad destination.

Disadvantages of blogging from Chiang Mai

  • Cliche (everyone goes there)
  • Need to do a visa-run every 30 days (leave the country and come back to start a new 30-day visa-free period)
  • Not a great place for kids as they may miss out on lack of Western education standards
  • Very expensive and less advanced emergency/health services (less advanced than most Western countries)

Mykonos, Greece

With inspirational beaches, peaceful tavernas and a buzzing nightlife, the Cyclades island of Mykonos offers the perfect blend of ‘work hard, play hard’. Hire a private villa with a good Wi-Fi connection, some stunning views and a pool to reward yourself with after a day of writing. With its white-washed architecture, traditional windmills and golden shores, Mykonos is über Insta-worthy too; making it a perfect spot for any blogger, or a family holiday.

landscape 2470398 1920
Mykonos offers the perfect blend of ‘work hard, play hard’.

Advantages of blogging from Mykanos

  • Beautiful and inspiring scenery
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Greece is part of the European Union (fair and easy visa process, protection of the law)
  • Good emergency/health services (and free for citizens of European Union)

Disadvantages of blogging from Mykanos

  • Pretty expensive compared to other entries on this list
  • Seasonal pricing (high-peak season results in price increases)

Tallinn, Estonia

Did you know that Estonia is one of the most digitally developed countries in Europe, if not the world? It was even the first country to declare internet access to be a human right. Well, there’s one of your main reasons to visit right there. Aside from the Estonians’ views on technology, Tallinn itself is an exciting city, well worth exploring. Bursting with history and surrounded by beaches, you’ll never be short of material to write about.

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city 3607202 1920 1
Historical Tallinn.

Advantages of blogging from Tallinn

  • Low cost of living
  • Estonia is part of the European Union (fair and easy visa process, protection of the law)
  • Good emergency/health services (and free for citizens of European Union)
  • Highly developed infrastructure for digital nomads (including very advantageous taxation and first ever e-residency for digital nation)
YouTube video

Disadvantage of blogging from Tallinn

  • Very cold winters (I find it an disadvantage but you may think otherwise)

Cape Town, South Africa

The gateway to many of the most incredible experiences in southern Africa, Cape Town has to make it on the list for the top blogger hotspots of 2019. Boasting breath-taking landscapes to rival any other, you’ll find yourself captivated by Table Mountain sunrises and Boulders Beach sunsets shared with a colony of African penguins. It’s a remarkable city with a culture and lifestyle that, on visiting, will surely win you over.

cape of good hope 1219192 1920 1
Table Mountain sunrises and Boulders Beach sunsets of Cape Town.

Advantages of blogging from Cape Town

  • Cost of living is relatively low (apart from the rent which may get pricey)
  • It’s a great base to explore Africa

Disadvantages of blogging from Cape Town

  • Safety may be a concern in certain areas, but don’t let media scare you

Where else would you recommend to move to work on the blog?


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Cez Krol
Cez Krol
I’m always positive and never bored – there’s just so much more to see and experience! I began my journey around the world in 2011 with just $400 and one-way ticket to Asia. Still going and blogging today. You can typically spot me working on a laptop or rock climbing.
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18 thoughts on “Best Destinations for Bloggers in 2022”

  1. Avatar of Leanne Gorman

    Last I heard Cape Town had problems with drought and not enough water for the amount of people there. I haven’t thought of blogging in Tallin, Estonia before. I hear it’s a beautiful place though, Mykonos too!

  2. Avatar of Victoria@TheBritishBerliner

    Lovely post Cez!
    Of course, I’d would recommend Berlin.
    Cheap prices, easy access to other European nations. Safe and secure, etc.

    Disadvantages: None really. Except to say that bureaucracy could be a drag and of course, if you really want to feel “at home” and “live like a local,” then learning German would be most useful and very beneficial!

  3. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

    You should definitely make it to Tallin at some point. I might be going there this summer together with my mom ;-)

  4. Avatar of Agness Walewinder

    Thanks, Shubham! :) I really look forward to reading your article about your adventures on Etramping. Just sent you all details :D

  5. Avatar of Anda

    Interesting perspective. I never thought of traveling full time, although I love traveling. I’m sure you see the world quite differently when you live in a place for a while, but somehow I love to have a place to return to. A place to call ‘home.’ However, if I were to blog from anywhere in the world, it would definitely be somewhere in Europe. I’d love to see Chiang Mai someday. It looks like a very exotic place.

  6. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
    Agness Walewinder

    Thank you for sharing, Anda. That is a very interesting approach. I have noticed that the older I get, the more I feel like having a place to return to. Last year we set up a base in Gdansk, Poland where both of us can go to anytime we want. It’s a beautiful city located at the seaside so we can destress at the beach and charge our batteries before going on a long journey.

  7. Avatar of Penny

    I have to have a home base, which gets a bit tricky when you want to travel more and you are not a trust fun baby! :-) I love how you two manage to have a home base. Maybe I just need to find a partner to team up with! Mykonos looks great but Tallin, even better. I agree with Cez though, no cold winters for me.

  8. Avatar of Eric

    I’d add here in Girona, Spain (Catalonia) to the mix, especially if you hold an EU passport. For the most part it ticks off all the boxes, internet, cost of living, etc. If you want to fly anywhere you need to head to Barcelona which is a little tricky at times.

  9. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
    Agness Walewinder

    Thanks a lot, Penny for sharing. I hope you can find a perfect partner to travel the world with! It’s so much fun being with a friend/friends on the road. Mykos looks amazing, indeed and I’m planning to go there in the summer. Looking forward to it. Kiss from Taiwan ;)

  10. Avatar of Tom

    Very interesting article, are a many cities in which I didn’t think that they are suitable for blogging. I am going to start blogging and I want to move in the future to the country, new to myself. I was interested much to what city it is possible to move and there are several options to add your list. For example, Paris, France – many cozy inexpensive cafes also is well placed on a cost of living index. New Zealand – cheap coffee, the inexpensive Internet and simple procedure of opening of business. Spain. Beaches of Barcelona very much involve freelancers, also there the high level of availability of crediting, the developed transport system and is a lot of points of free wi-fi. It was necessary to choose what city to me more to be pleasant)

  11. Avatar of Cez Krol

    You’re right, there are many places we haven’t mentioned here that would be good for aspiring digital nomad. I wish you the best of luck starting your freelancing career. Do message me if you see we’re somewhere nearby :D

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