A Day In Rotterdam For Less Than $25 A Day

Why Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is one of the most stunning and historical cities in the Netherlands. It not only bursts with architecture, design, art and culture, but also boasts a wide and varied range of shops, attractions, festivals, restaurants and parks.

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Everyone can find something interesting and exciting to see, experience and eat, of course. That’s why Rotterdam is a city that you can rediscover time and again!


Places to go on the cheap

1) The Rotterdam Port

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. From 1962 until 2002 it was the world’s busiest port.


2) Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug)

It is the icon of Rotterdam. The 800-metre long Erasmus Bridge spans the Maas River and links the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam. The suspension bridge has a 139-metre high steel pylon, which is secured with 40 cables. The shape of the pylon gave the bridge its nickname, “The Swan”.


3) De Kuip Football Stadium

If you really like soccer and want to go a night or half-day out in the place with the best crowd and the most beautiful atmosphere: don’t hesitate. You get shivers down your spine when one of the players scores because the people go completely insane (in a good, non-aggressive way).

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 4) Delftshaven

It is a picturesque area of Rotterdam which has a grand history and is famous for its association with the Pilgrim Fathers. Nowadays it’s nostalgic and intimate, laced with waterways and canals lined in historic buildings and courtyards. Shop to your heart’s content in charming boutiques and ateliers, or sit at one of the many sidewalk cafes and enjoy the exceptional beers on tap.

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5) Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is centrally located in the Museumpark in Rotterdam city centre. From Rotterdam Central Station, get there by metro to Eendrachtsplein, tram 7 to Museumpark or tram 4 to Eendrachtsplein. You can see 230 million years old fossils that were found in the Netherlands as well as skeletons and skulls of millions of years old whales. The museum is a pleasure to visit and there’s something to see for everyone.


Cheap eats

1) Supermarkets

Most supermarkets have a selection of prepared food that can easily be turned into a meal without need for a kitchen, however be aware that opening hours may be limited in the early morning, evening and weekend, for example Albert Hijn, Aldi or Lidl.

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2) De IJssalon

Address: West-Kruiskade 60, 3014 AW Rotterdam. The best coffee, ice cream and frozen yogurts are served here. Great quality and prices.

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3) Bagels and Beans

A nice little case with a great atmosphere and appearance. There are a lot of tables only in the small space formed causing some wall-side there could with difficulty from Wright for a toilet visit. The food is great,  the staff is very friendly and also the account is absolutely no setback.

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Going out

1) Nieuwe Binnenweg

This street is a perfect example of Rotterdam’s diversity. There is a surprising mix of stores, restaurants and bars. This is an area that correctly typifies Rotterdam, an ideal location to discover downtown Rotterdam. The Nieuwe Binnenweg’s entrance was fully renovated in 207, returning a bit of nostalgia to Rotterdam.


2) De Meent

The Meent and surroundings are rapidly developing into one of Rotterdam’s most prominent and dynamic shopping areas. You can find here a lot of different c@fes, supermarkets, pubs and bars. Great spot for a drink and nice lunch and dinner.

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Public transport in Rotterdam is well organised: the trams, buses and metro are scheduled to link perfectly. Boats are also a convenient means of transport in and around this city on the water. You can also take the bike, but try to avoid taxis to get around in Rotterdam as they are super expensive.

1) Bike around 

Rotterdam is a great city to discover by bicycle. You can rent a bicycle at Rotterdam Central Station via Rijwielshop, starting from about € 7.50 per day. When you’re in the city centre, you can take advantage of the free bicycle shelters on the Binnenrotte and the Meent.

2) Trams, metro and buses 

The RET is the Rotterdam transport company and to travel with RET metros, trams and busses you need a OV chip card. The disposable OV chip card is available at:

  • sales points
  • top-up machines
  • information kiosks at the metro stations
  • the RET-Service Shop
  • post offices
  • Primera shops and Tabac&Gifts shops
  • ROTTERDAM.INFO (tourist information office)
  • VVV Rotterdam Info Café and via www.ov-chipkaart.nl.
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3) Metro

There are five metro lines, each with its own color, its own letter and the name of its terminal stations. It starts from and ends at Rotterdam Central Station. Times: Mon-Sat 5:30 am – 0:15 am / Sun 7:30 am – 0:15 am (times vary depending on the line).

4) BOB – buses

At night you can travel in Rotterdam by RET BOB bus. The BOB busses are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and depart near popular nightlife locations. The BOB bus tickets cost €5.50 for a one-way trip.

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Top transport tips:

With the Rotterdam Welcome Card you get a OV chip card for unlimited use of public transportation (for 1, 2 or 3 days) and you save over €250 on the best attractions, museums, restaurants theaters and clubs in Rotterdam.


How do you like the idea of visiting Rotterdam on the cheap?


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25 thoughts on “A Day In Rotterdam For Less Than $25 A Day”

  1. Avatar of Leanne

    Wow, another beautiful city I’ve never heard of. Here I was “beaten” into the idea that everything is so expensive 100% of the time, but your blog really changes that idea for me. Thank you!

  2. Avatar of Sam

    Cool! Zab and I are going to be housesitting near Rotterdam next month, so I’ll definitely make a note of all these cool things to do there! I’m surprised renting a bike is so cheap there – in Berlin, where we live, it’s at least €10 a day or more often €12.

  3. Avatar of Mike

    The architecture of Delftshaven is absolutely awesome! Rotterdam sounds great to me, Agness! Beans and bagels…yes please. But, what is in the middle of that bagel…it looks like an egg?

  4. Avatar of Martin

    It’s always interesting to read experiences from other travelers about my native city. Although I don’t agree with everything, I like your point of view and I’m happy that you enjoyed it. :)

    P.s. Although the area is named after the city of Delft, it’s actually called Delfshaven. With no “t”.

  5. Avatar of Sacha - Beautiful Travel Hangover

    My family is originally from Rotterdam so I went there quite often when I was young.
    I always went to visit family or for shopping so surprisingly I haven’t seen much of the historical places. All I can remember are the modern high rise buildings near the train station haha.
    Seeing your post I should really take a look around next time :)

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