5 Things We All Must Do If We Travel Around The World

Ok. Nobody says that you should not take pictures of world’s most famous tourists’ attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, Statue of Liberty and so on. But sometimes, especially when you have decided to leave everything behind and just see the world, that is not enough! Sometimes you should go a little bit over your comfort zone and try experiencing something truly one of a kind to be really able to say – I did it all, and I saw it all!

Travel around the world

So, I am going to share five things I truly believe every person who wishes to travel the world should do. Grab your pencils and write down this list – you can thank me later!

Swim in a lake full of jellyfish in Palau

Usually, jellyfish can become a number one reason your holidays sucked, but not then you are traveling to one of the Micronesian islands called Palau. Here, visitors are actually excited to have a swim in a lake literally full with thousands of pink colored jellyfishes! But there is no need to be disgusted or scared of them – jellyfish are not dangerous here. Because of the ecosystem which made them on the top of the food pyramid, they don’t have any natural rivals, so the stinging for them is no longer necessary.

jellyfish in Palau

So, you can not only dive freely between them but also touch them too! But take notice, that you can do this only in Palau – in other lakes you might get burned! This is why you must try this if you ever travel to this beautiful island.

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Climb into an active volcano in Guatemala

If you miss the adrenaline rush, Guatemala can help you out here for sure. Here you can climb a volcano which can erupt at any moment! Pacaya volcano is one of the most active in Guatemala, but there is no need to be worried about being suddenly scared of lava floating in your direction – usually hikers are informed about the coming eruptions, so basically climbing this volcano is not that dangerous.

active volcano in Guatemala

It is worth to visit this place not only lovers of adrenaline – the volcano peaks of over two and a half kilometer height, so here you can gaze your eyes upon the breathtaking mountain views of the area as well.

Have a stroll along colorful canyon in Hawaii

Hawaii is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in the world. But there, along with other beautiful places, you should have a slow stroll at Waimea Canyon. It might be not the biggest in the world, but it certainly deserves the most colorful canyon’s name! Hereabouts you can have a leisurely stroll and enjoy beautiful scenery while gazing your eyes upon the hills with a beautiful specter of colors – from green to orange.

colorful canyon in Hawaii

So, the next time being in Hawaii, don’t forget this canyon as well – you will get a chance to get a tan on every other beach around the world!

Wash the elephants in Thailand

Thailand is definitely one of the most visited places in the world, and it is easy to understand why – everything there is pretty cheap, and every type of tourist will find that he or she is looking for. But I would personally like to recommend you to bath the local elephants if you want to experience something truly unique! 

elephants in Thailand

There is one park in Thailand which always welcomes volunteers who would like to wash injured or old elephants. And those few hours doing that will be remembered forever – guaranteed! These memories will warm you more than dozen photos with those poor elephants who are used as a mass tourist attraction. Trust me on this and don’t forget your swimsuits – you will get soak here!

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Fly a hot air balloon over the vineyards in California

And finally, always use a chance to rent a hot air balloon and flight over the vineyards in California. California-based Sonoma County is worldly famous for its wineries and vineyards. I do firmly believe that you tasted wine from here, but that should not be the only reason to visit this fabulous place. 

hot air balloon over the vineyards in California

Thousands of tourists are rushing here to fly a hot air balloon and so should you! If you want to catch a good wind, you are probably going to need to wake up pretty early – around 5 A. M., but the scenery flying over those vineyards will make you wade awake for sure. So – give it a try as well and experience something extraordinary for sure! 

What would you add to this list?


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