10 Reasons to Add Taiwan to Your Bucket List

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As a not-so-well-known tourist location, Taiwan is actually home to some stunning scenery, delicious food and beautiful people. The friendly atmosphere and incredible surroundings will have you hooked from the day you land there. So what are our top reasons to visit Taiwan?

On top of Elephant Mountais Taipei
On top of the Elephant Mountain in Taipei

Reasons to Visit Taiwan

#1 The Natural Beauty

Taiwan is full is lush tropical greenery, and has many beautiful National Parks, including Yangmingshan which is only 12 kilometres from the capital city of Taipei. In the East, you’ll see Taroko National Park, featuring stunning cliffs and a steep limestone canyon, or the azure waters of Mugumugi lagoon, located 30 km north of Hualien.


#2 Fantastic Hiking

Since the landscape of Taiwan is dominated by steep mountains, you’ll find some fantastic hiking trails to explore here! The two highest mountains are Jade Mountain and Snow Mountain, each reaching almost 4000 meters. You can camp overnight to make the trip a bit easier or try the Hehuanshan Mountain in the Taroko National Park, which has easier access and is a summit of 3,400 meters. The view from the top is something that you’ll never forget! 


#3 Cultural Experiences

Taiwan is full of beautiful and ‘exotic’ cultural experiences for those from other lands. One way to discover the culture of this country is through its festivals! Take in the Lantern Festival in Pingxi between the months of January and February, or visit the Dragon Boat races on rivers throughout the country in June.

lanterns taiwan
We love lantern festivals!

Another way to see Taiwan’s culture is to explore the roots of its Aboriginal people, who number over 500,000 on this island!

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#4 Little Known Islands

The islands that belong to Taiwan are even less disturbed by tourists and feature tranquillity and peace in fantastic surroundings. Orchid Island (also known as Lanyu) is a beautiful place to see volcanic surroundings. In and around the Matsu archipelago, you’ll see an incredible phenomenon called Blue Tears where the water, when disturbed, glows bright blue because of algae that floats in it during spring and summer.  


#5 Modern Taipei

Taipei is a beautiful, modern city with all the luxuries that one expects from such a place. It features gorgeous skyline views and great cocktail bars, such as Marsalis Home in the Xinyi District. It is an eclectic mix of the old with the new, bringing in ancient Chinese culture with modern technology and luxuries.


#6 Delicious Eats

Food in Taiwan will surprise and amaze you. When you get home you’ll be absolutely begging for more! Traditional dumplings are a fantastic way to get introduced to Taiwanese cuisine and stinky tofu is something you must try! Just try not to breathe in while you eat!


#7 Gorgeous Hot Springs

This small island is known for its geothermic activity and the wonderful opportunities that it creates for visitors! Head one hour north of Taipei to the Beitou hot springs region for some lovely spas, or travel two hours by train to the east coast at Jiaoshi and enjoy a unique hot spring water slide at Art Spa Hotel. Also, try some of the natural hot springs such as BaYan Wild Springs in the Yangmingshan National Park.  

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#8 Beautiful Temples

Even in the middle of Taipei, you will find beautiful history in the ornate temples of Longhsan and Guandu. Another option is to head by plane to the Penghu archipelago and see some of the least-known and most stunning temples in the world.


#9 Tranquil Beaches

Dramatic cliffs lead to white sandy beaches and crystal clear, azure waters in Kenting, located in the south of Taiwan. Hit some of these fantastic places to relax and get in touch with nature. Since the weather is tropical, you’ll be able to enjoy the beach at any time of the year! However, keep in mind that summer is typhoon season, and plan accordingly. Check out Baisha Beach, about 5 kilometres from Kenting, for an amazing beach experience.


#10 Visiting Butterflies

Every year, 600,000 butterflies migrate southward for the winter, landing in the Maolin National Scenic Area. This incredible phenomenon is a fantastic thing to see in person between December and February.


These are just a few of the many reasons why this island should be on your list to see. Don’t miss out on a great travel opportunity!

So are you ready to head to Taiwan yet?


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    Word up! Totally agree with all points. I live here almost one year and still cannot get over the thing how many attractions it has to offer. Plenty of beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, beaches, very kind people, outstanding food and many many more. Totally overlooked place ona Asian trip by many travelers. Check my blog about Taiwan if u need more info ;) Thanks!

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