10 First Impressions Of Antwerp

Although my visit in Antwerp lasted only 3 days, I really felt like it was enough to experience Belgian powerful magnet for mode moguls, club queens, art lovers and diamond dealers. After arriving in the city, there were few things I was surprised and impressed by I would like to share with you:

1) It’s the city of Pieter Paul Rubens

You can experience Rubens’ artwork everywhere as in the 16th century it was a home to this baroque superstar artist. Therefore, visiting the Rubens House is a must.


2) Antwerp’s streets are dirty

Surprisingly, Antwerp seemed to be a very dirty city. There were bin bags on the streets, open trash in the middle of the neighbour and dusted houses. It looked like it has not been cleaned there for ages.


3) Huge Central Station and the vintage feel of the city

The Antwerp train station is an unexpected delight. It is a combination of old and new and the whole architecture is just astonishing. As it is a very big station, make sure you take some time extra.

Antwerp part 12

4) Boring Chinatown

Different types of neighborhoods pop up for you to discover like Chinatown, the Jewish Quarter, BoHo or the historical centre, but for some reason Antwerp’s Chinatown seemed so boring. There was nothing to do there, just a few Chinese stores and one big supermarket. I felt like it was a waste of time to go there.

Antwerp part 11

5) All the different colors of the city

Antwerp is extremely colorful. Not just the people but also the different buildings gave me this impression. It is full of green, yellow and blue.


6) Antwerp is heart-warming and simple

Antwerp as a city seems to be very simple, but it is also friendly and heart-warming. I felt so welcomed here.


7) Astonishing architecture

It is surely a city to live in blessed with eye-catching architecture, chic shops, impressive monuments, jazzy clubs and inspired art works. Me and my boyfriend visited a few churches and one monastery, very spiritual and mysterious.

Antwerp edited3

8) Cafes everywhere

Antwerp is surrounded by cafes where the beer flows freely and restaurants where you can taste some of the finest Belgian and multicultural cuisine.

Antwerp part 1

9) Museums, museums, museums

Antwerp is a proud filled with outstanding museums, picturesque galleries, sculpted streets and architectural gems.

Antwerp edited1

10) It looks stunning at night

Antwerp at night looks absolutely beautiful. If you ever make it there, make sure you go for a romantic walk at night through the main square!


Would you like to visit Antwerp one day?

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35 thoughts on “10 First Impressions Of Antwerp”

  1. Avatar of Marc

    We visited Antwerp a few years ago and really liked it! The train station amazed us as well, so huge! Other than I remember a guy playing the piano in the middle of the pedestrian zone, which was nice!

  2. Avatar of Leanne

    Interesting post, I like how you had negative and positive things in this post rather than just all one or the other. How about a first impression of Amsterdam? Haha.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
      Agness Walewinder

      I will write about Amsterdam soon ;-), but you can check out my old posts where I mentioned 5 things I liked and disliked about Amsterdam :D!

  3. Avatar of The Guy

    Hi Agness,

    It looks like you captured some of the real highlights of this gorgeous city. My memories of the place have faded but it still looks as stunning as ever. Such wonderful colours and architecture. The train station alone sums up why it is a delight to visit. In fact the train station was the last part of Antwerp I saw in person.

    Sorry to hear of the rubbish on the streets. It seems to be the modern way for rubbish collection in our environmentally friendly age (?).

  4. Avatar of Rachael@safari254

    I would love to visit Antwerp especially for the museums and the architecture, those are two of my favourite things.

  5. Avatar of Tim UrbanDuniya

    Oh Agness, no Chinatown is good enough for you, now that you’ve lived in China and all :p

    hehehe just kidding :P It’s a shame when these things aren’t as you might have hoped. The café scene looks pretty cool though :) And that architecture is stunning!

  6. Avatar of Robin

    Antwerp is my hometown! How nice of you to visit. :-) It’s such a lovely place, but yes your right: The beautiful historic architecture is often interrupted by ugly, filthy streets or buildings. But this mix of old and new is also very interesting at times. Anyway, lot’s of bars and cafés to be found to enjoy yourself in! Next time that you visit you have to stop at the MAS Museum! It’s a new museum located in the North part of the city. Best part is that you can go all the way to the top for free to get a stunning view of the city!

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