Love is in the Air – The Most Romantic Places in Asia to Spend Valentine’s Day

When it comes to winged Cupid shooting off arrows willy-nilly, the world has some truly wonderful hot-spots to help ignite a lover’s passion, especially now, when Valentine’s Day is approaching!

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Awwww – isn’t that cute?!

Whether you’re in a fledgling relationship, honeymooners who’ve just tied the knot, or well into your twilight years and looking to inject a spark back into your marriage. Whatever your romantic wants and desires – there’s a place out there for you. So, get your credit card out, get on your computer, make sure you’re getting the best deal, and start booking the flights!

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Are you looking forward to this special day?

Everyone’s aware of those famous lover-friendly destinations such as Paris in the springtime, a Grecian island in late September, or New York at Christmas; but what of the mighty continent of Asia? Surely in a land so vast they too have some amorous destinations in which to practice getting up close and personal with a significant other? Thankfully, we are here to show you the more romantic locales of this backpacker haven!

Bukhara – Uzbekistan

What could be more romantic than taking a journey along the ancient silk road? Travel back in time to the charming and often beautiful streets of Bukhara, Uzbekistan in the heart of central Asia. While it’s a country that you might not automatically think of for lovers, this historic caravanserai will change your mind.

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Bukhara’s courtyards are a delight.

The city center is an open-air museum with UNESCO world heritage status, and its cozy streets and alleyways are charming to walk around, hand-in-hand on a chilly, but sunny autumn morning. The Kaylan Minaret square is particularly lovely and a must if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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Koh Phayam – Thailand

In a country riddled with romantic island destinations and resorts, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that’s not already overrun with honeymooners and lovers. Either that or revellers out to get totally mangled at a full moon party and ruin your holiday.

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It might be very romantic to set one of these off on a Thai beach – but consider the environment!

For somewhere a little off the beaten track, try heading to Koh Phayam island in the Andaman Sea off the east coast of the country. There are no cars on the island, it’s still relatively untouched and there are some lovely spots for beach glamping with a loved one. You’d better hurry though – it’s not going to stay that way for long. Dabbing tiger balm on a partner’s multiple sand fly bites will definitely be a special moment.


An island nation that’s often overlooked in favor of India, Sri-Lanka has so much to offer those seeking romance. It’s a stunningly beautiful country, boasting eclectic, delicious cuisine and friendly, hospitable locals. It’s also a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for an exotic holiday without breaking the bank.

Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

And you can’t get much more romantic than sharing a day with a loved one at one of the many elephant sanctuaries on the island. Sri-Lanka is populated with an abundance of beautiful flora and fauna, and wildlife spotting is a great way to spend a vacation with your better half. Don’t be riding elephants or petting drugged up tigers though – make sure you visit an ethical sanctuary when you do.

Cappadocia – Turkey

If you’re not feeling the love in the basket of a hot air balloon when the sun is coming up over one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, you’re probably dead inside. The stunning rock formations around the town of Goreme in the heart of Turkey are world famous, as are the hot air balloon rides that rise at daybreak and sunset every day of the year.

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Love is, quite literally, in the air.

Exploring this outdoor museum is one of the most romantic things you could do anywhere in the world, made all the more special if you blow the budget on a champagne balloon flight for two. Staying in a cave hotel and indulging in Turkish massage is a sure-fire way to make you loathe the fact you’ll need to go home eventually.

The Maldives

We couldn’t really get away without mentioning the Maldive islands, a region of the world seemingly dedicated to all things romantic. Here you’re without a doubt in paradise on earth, and there’s no better way to spend time with a lover than languishing on perfect white sand beaches as the brilliant blue waters of the Indian Ocean wash over you.

DSC 6621
eTrampers in the Maldives. Not holding hands because we’re just friends – honest!

Those inclined for a more active getaway  will find some of the finest scuba-diving and snorkeling in the world, but there’s really nothing like a stroll on the beach lit only by the light of the moon. There’s a strong possibility that if you’re not already engaged, you will be before you leave this tropical love cauldron.

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow…

As you can probably tell, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the romantic hot-spots of Asia. Such is the sheer size of the continent it would take several articles to cover everything, but we’ve gone with a real mixed-bag of locations that are sure to set hearts racing and Cupid drawing back his bow. Some of our choices might surprise, but we’re confident a visit to any one of these destinations will stoke the fires of romance in even the most burnt out relationship. Don’t just rely on the location though – you’ve got to put in the work!

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Where would you pick in Asia for a romantic getaway? Let us know!

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15 thoughts on “Love is in the Air – The Most Romantic Places in Asia to Spend Valentine’s Day”

  1. Avatar of Shubham Varshney

    Though these all are very nice and exotic places, you just missed out a monument which only depicts the love, Taj Mahal. This monument is also the best place for the lovebirds. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Avatar of Victoria@TheBritishBerliner

    ‘Nice one guys!

    All very good choices, but if I were given the choice to choose where I would go in Asia for Valentine’s Day, I would choose Hong Kong every time!

    It might not be relaxing per se, but it would certainly be a Valentine’s Day to remember!

  3. Avatar of Sanskar Shrivastava

    Great options! Good to see Uzbekistan in the list! I expected Maldives in there. I would also like to include Bhutan in the list. Still Lanka is coming up. My friend is there these days and all the pictures are stunning!

  4. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
    Agness Walewinder

    Hahaha, I wish I did that :) It’s a mix of our experiences and what other people (fellow travel bloggers and friends) recommend :-D Would you add anything to the list?

  5. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
    Agness Walewinder

    Hong Kong, really? I loved strolling down the streets of HK when I was there a few times. It’s actually a very romantic destination. Good one, thanks!

  6. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
    Agness Walewinder

    I have never been to Bhutan but I’ll be visiting Krabi next month so it’s worth checking out. I could be a nice destination to explore in early March for me. Do you actually know how accessible this place is for tourists these days? Thanks!

  7. Avatar of Marena John

    Loved the list. but for a vacation on valentines day, you should include Dubai the most luxurious place and romantic destination.

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