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Agness Walewinder

10 Things You Need to Know before Booking a Hostel

Hostels are a fantastic way to get to know people while traveling. You can join events, get some freebies, learn to cook different cuisines, you name it. However, before actually arriving at the budget accommodation of your choice, there is some basic work to be done.

Agness Walewinder

Budget Travel Guide to Guilin, China

Sharing some of our tips for traveling in Guilin on the cheap (less than $25 per day) … while still having a great time!

Agness Walewinder

How to explore Brussels in 24h

Are you in a hurry but you want to see what Brussels has to offer? See Brussels in 24 hours with us without missing anything important!

Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski)
Budget travel
Agness Walewinder

Warsaw in 1 Day for $21

Exploring the capital city of Poland- Warsaw on a budget: Where to sleep, Where to eat, What to explore.

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