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Cez Krol

Epic Road Trip Series Begins! Lyon to Lisbon by Car

Road trips are up there with the most fun ways to travel – especially if you’re with great company. This is the start, and a summary, of our Epic Road Trip across Europe. Join us!

Agness Walewinder

Top 10 Budget Travel Tips For Barcelona

A list of top budget travel tips covering transportation, sightseeing and dining out in Barcelona on the cheap. All based my own experiences!

Top travel tips
Agness Walewinder

How Couchsurfing Gained Back My Trust

In March 2013 I blogged about my negative couchsurfing experience. This summer I decided to get back on the site after 2 years. Let’s see how I liked it this time.

Agness Walewinder

First Pictures of ¡Barcelona!

Here I am, walking through the history of Barcelona, tasting amazing vegan dishes, talking with locals and enjoying the beautiful weather! – Let’s see how the city welcomed the tramp!

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