Macanese Street Treats And Snacks

One of the biggest advantages of Macanese treats and snacks you can find in the street is their accessibility and affordability. You can find them almost everywhere and their prices are so low you wouldn’t believe.

Traditional Macanese cookies with almonds


They can be found in each corner of the street and taste amazing. It’s a good idea for a lunch if you are in rush. A pita bread filled with veggies and kebab meat costs $3. Top it with garlic sauce, mayo and ketchup and enjoy it!

That’s the kebab we ordered

Seafood buckets

Seafood buckets are sold across Macau every day. You can choose from shrimp, crab and fish and there is a great variety of veggies available. Small seafood bucket with veggies costs $2.50 and you can have it for your breakfast or lunch. It is a boiled food, thus it is light and healthy.

Dinner choice in Macau – veggies and some tofu

Local pastries

Macau is filled with bakeries so having a warm croissant or jam bun seems like a great idea after a busy day of sightseeing.

Ham and cheese sandwiches

When in Macau, I highly recommend Denmark Miscya Bread ($1.60) and an amazing cheese bun with garlic and basil ($0.75).

A great variety of local pastries


If you prefer healthier option for your snack, you can grab a fresh smoothie at any restaurant/bar in Macau. If not, head to Chinese cafe that offers plenty of hot and cold drinks. Me and Cez enjoyed a green mango smoothie and blueberry shake for $3 each.

Huge shake we ordered

Have you been in Macau? If so, how did you enjoy the local food? Share your Macanese food experience in comments!

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17 thoughts on “Macanese Street Treats And Snacks”

  1. Avatar of Stef

    I always make the big mistake to read food-related posts when I’m hungry. I want to eat it all :) Looks so yummie.

  2. Avatar of Rashad Pharaon

    Just looking at this post is starting to make me feel hungry and fat lol. I notice the prices you list are pretty expensive, is that the case with much of the food there?

  3. Avatar of Mike

    Have you ever gotten sick from eating street food? I’m usually hesitant because of it. Maybe you have some tips or experiences you can share or write about.

    1. Avatar of Agness Walewinder
      Agness Walewinder

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, many times, but it was nothing serious, really. I was fine after few hours, but always be careful!

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