Cycling in Vietnam: Getting to Hanoi


On our 3rd day of cycling we set off from a little town, name of which I don’t remember, and headed to Hanoi. As far as I remember it was only 45 km to ride to get there. iPod on, fruits and food bought and we were ready to go!

We met one Vietnamese guy, a teacher, had a nice chat and then carried on cycling.

Honestly, I have been enjoying cycling a lot these days. The road is not as difficult as I thought- someĀ up-hills, mostly down-hills. We were going through some kind of highway and there was not much traffic. Once we were cycling at night and it was pretty safe.

The villages we were passing by on the way to Hanoi.

And here I am… The traffic in Hanoi was terrific!

Hundreds of bikes, motorbike, cars and lorries going in various direction. It all looks pretty scary, but in fact it isn’t. What I have noticed is that Vietnamese pay a lot of attention to their speed, pedestrians and other riders. There is a big mess on the road, I must admit, but so far I have seen only one bike crash and not serious.

Now I’m enjoying my time in Hanoi. The first two days are to make myself comfortable, look around, get to know prices, do some laundry, catch up with my blog notes (sometimes I have no internet access to write my posts up to date or the internet is limited) and get some rest. Tomorrow it’s gonna be my first day exploring Hanoi properly… BY BIKE of course!

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