Best Places to Eat in Singapore for $10 A Day

When in Singapore, you will quickly realize that traveling here on the cheap is not that easy. It’s not Thailand or Cambodia where you can spend $1-$3 on your accommodation and dine out for $3 (including alcoholic drinks). No wonder, why Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. However, you can still enjoy the local cuisine without breaking the bank!

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

Let’s say your daily food budget is $10 (12.65 Singapore dollar). It not much, but if you know where to dine out, you can easily stuff yourself with proper food for that amount of money. Now, let’s get familiar with 5 cheapest and most delicious places to dine out in Singapore:

Hawker Center: Maxwell Road

Have you ever heard of Hawker Center before? If not, you must read our Beginner’s Guide to the Singapore Hawker Center.

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

When in Singapore, you just have to make it to Maxwell Hawker Center. It is located at the edge of Chinatown and if has more than 100  different stalls so there is a great of variety of Chinese as well as Western food to choose from. Both, locals and tourists, alike flock here for the variety of cuisines and local specialties. The quality is also unbeatable!

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

Here is what you can have for your SG$12:

Breakfast: spicy or sweet congee for $3

Lunch: fish soup for $3

Dinner: Stir-fried egg noodles for $3

Snacks: apple and banana for $1,5

Drinks: coke and orange juice for $1,5

Address:1 Kadayanallur St Singapore 069184.

Open time: Daily 8am – 10pm.

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

#2 Hawker Center: Newton Circus. 

This is one of Singapore’s most historical hawker centers. Make sure you go to Newton if you want a primer on local food, or if you like people-watching in a lively atmosphere. It’s a perfect place for vegetarians – several stalls now cook their dishes without pork or lamb.

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

Here is what you can have for your SG$12:

Breakfast: noodle soup with fish balls $2,5

Lunch: Thai spring rolls $3,5

Dinner: Indian naan bread with curry sauce, samosa + hot tea for $4

Snacks: A big bowl of fruit salad for $2

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

Address: 500 Clemenceau Ave North Singapore 229495.

Open time: Daily 12pm – 2am.

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

#3 Hawker Center: Lau Pa Sat.

Lau Pa Sat is located in the heart of the CBD. Once you get there, you will notice that the place is always packed with businessmen at lunchtime. However, when night falls, the atmosphere changes completely as satay stalls and beer vendors come out and set up an alfresco dining area. Seriously, you won’t find a better night in Singapore than enjoying sticks of chicken, beef, and prawn satay while knocking back cheap pints at Lau Pa Sat!

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

Here is what you can have for your $12:

Breakfast: Chicken soup with rice cake for $3

Lunch: Grilled pork with rice $2,5

Dinner: Thai pancake for $3

Snacks: Sweet mini dumplings for $3

Address: 8 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582.

Open time: 24/7

Maxwell Road Hawker Center, Singapore

Which place and food would you go for when in Singapore?


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  1. Tim | UrbanDuniya

    I’m so lucky I saw this post after iftaar, those dishes looks delicious!!! Save some for me please, I’m on my way :)

  2. Definitely some good choices of hawker centre! We must make it back to Lau Pa Sat after the renovation – it’s been too long!

  3. I think I’d end up at Hawker Center, the thai pancake and dumplings – yum!! I can’t wait to get to Singapore one day and check out the food :)

  4. Looks like you guys ate a little bit of everything. :) I loved the Indian food selection in Singapore – roti for breakfast and curries for dinner!

  5. Maxwell undoubtedly has the most delicious food at the cheapest price. But I would also like to suggest Little India. Those food stalls around Mustafa Shopping Centre dish out a variety of Asian flavours and are cheap too.

  6. Marcia @ CuracaoVacation

    I didn’t know you could eat some great foods at some great prices. I really liked the grilled pork with rice for just $2,5. It’s a great price and I think it tasted wonderful. What did you like the most?

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