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7 of the Coolest Rooftop Bars in the World

Do you feel an urge to explore more and more of each and every culture and the different cities you visit? Great! Here are the 7 best rooftop bars from the biggest guide and website in the world about rooftop bars.

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I Quit Social Media for 1 Year

This article is explaining why I need a social media detox and the reasons social media can be dangerous to every one of us.

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Best New Year’s Eve Destinations around the World

Many places around the world have a lot to offer when it comes to parties and destinations in welcoming the New Year. Check out top 10 of the world’s best New Year’s Eve destinations that you might want to consider going to these places in the near future.

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10 Reasons to Add Taiwan to Your Bucket List

As a not-so-well-known tourist location, Taiwan is actually home to some stunning scenery, delicious food and beautiful people. Check out our top reasons to visit this magnificent country!

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10 Evil Foods You Should Avoid in Asia

A list of top 10 evil foods you definitely have to watch out for when visiting Asia and some tips on how to cope with a food poisoning when it actually happens.

Crazy Themed Cafes Around the World

Want to cuddle with a furry animal while drinking your coffee? How about having a Victorian-era experience in modern Tokyo? Check out these fantastic café experiences across the world with us!

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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Angkor Wat

As its pride and joy, Angor Wat stands like a shining star among the ruins, seemingly unaffected by the passage of time. See this ultimate guide to Angkor Wat and plan your trip so as to check this incredible site off your travel bucket list!

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5 Disney-related Free Activities in Orlando

Five Disney-related activities that have cost zero and can fit many interests of different types of travelers, such as friends, couples, and families when visiting Orlando.