Dinner and Lunch with Desserts for Two in Siem Reap on a Budget ($10)

The prices of food in Siem Reap (Cambodia) seem to be raising. Among so many restaurants, pubs and bars surrounding you, you may feel a little confused about where to go and what to eat, let alone the potential of paying too much.

Cake display
One of the best coffee and cake shops in Lucky Mall in Siem Reap

Last week, we went out for a dinner and lunch to the city city centre. We felt like having some Khmer food and a proper dessert. After 1 hour spent on looking for the right place, we finally found it.

Lunch and Dinner

Location: Sivatha Road, somewhere between Old Market Area and Lucky Mall. Not too far, yet far enough for more affordable prices.

Food Price: Lunch for $1,50, dinner for $2.50= $4

Menu: We ordered a plate of fried rice with eggs and vegetables topped with chilli sauce and a touch of Khmer herbs for a lunch (it looked very simple but it was very delicious). For a dinner we had a plate of pork spring rolls, very oily, but yummy too. Spring rolls were served with some cucumbers, lettuce and some tomatoes.


#Fried rice with eggs topped with chilli sauce

Fried rice with egg
A great combination of Khmer herbs and spices


# Pork spring rolls

Homemade spring rolls
Home-made spring rolls


Location: Second floor of Lucky Mall

Price: Cakes for $3.30, drinks: $2.20= $5.50

Menu: We ordered a slice of black forest cake, a slice of vanilla custard roll and a sweet tart. We had one iced latte and one iced hot chocolate, because life should be sweet :)

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# Black Forest Cake, price: $1.90 per slice

Black forest cake
A perfect combination of ice latte and black forest cake. We loved the cherry on top.

# A slice of vanilla custard, price $0.90

Vanilla custard and iced latte
Looks so delicious

# Sweet tart, price: $0.50

Sweet tart
Our favourite one!

That’s how we managed to dine out for $10, still in style. Two people happy with food and the bill. Please note it’s not usual for us to spend this much on food in a day, it was Cez’s birthday, hence the cakes.


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26 thoughts on “Dinner and Lunch with Desserts for Two in Siem Reap on a Budget ($10)”

    1. Avatar of Cez

      Hey Sarah,

      It’s all about the right attitude. As long as one wants to do something, money should not be a limiting factor.
      At the same time there’s no reason not to treat ourselves to a dessert sometimes :)


  1. Avatar of Laura

    Restaurant Khamer in the New Market was our go to place in Siem Reap. I think I drank my weight in iced coffee (at a buck a piece). Their menu had a lot to choose from and everything was good. Lunch or dinner was about $4 USD

    The places on Pub street and in the alley are very expensive (in Cambodian terms) and not really worth the money. Moving away from there and the night market you can find plenty of great places to eat. The food in the stalls in the dead center of the new market were also very tasty and super cheap.

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Hi Laura, thanks for sharing! It’s true, the places on Pub street and in the alley are very expensive, the prices for a lunch start from $4 per person not including the drinks. The further you go, the cheaper meals are. It’s good to try out some local restaurants outside the busy Night Market or Pub Street.

  2. Avatar of Emily McGee

    Oh my goodness. All of your posts just make me want to get to SE Asia ASAP! I have a feeling ASAP won’t be for a while, but I am dreaming about this delicious food!

    1. Avatar of Agness

      You should. Let us know before you set off, we can tell you a few secrets on budget travels in Cambodia- Vietnam- Thailand :)

  3. Avatar of nomadic translator
    nomadic translator

    Haha, so funny you actually spent way more (and ate way more) desserts than actual food for dinner ;D great bargains!

    – Maria Alexandra

  4. Avatar of Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

    You guys must be teeny tiny – I cannot imagine only eating some spring rolls for dinner, even after my stomach has shrunk so much in the past 3 months! ;) Maybe if I knew I could indulge in cake afterwards, but it would still be tough! :D

    1. Avatar of Agness

      Steph! We eat a lot! Cez has lost some weight as the Asian food is super light and healthy for him but I keep putting on weight ;).

  5. Avatar of Claudia

    If you get out of the old market/downtown area of Siem Reap, you can eat a lot more for $10. The roadside places with plastic chairs for locals serve a bowl of curry and noodles for 2000 riel, which is 50 cents! It filled me up.

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