15 Perfect Christmas Gifts for a Traveler

Note from Editors: In view of the current situation, please avoid all unnecessary travel and try to stay home. Don’t worry, like all things, it will end at some point and you’ll be able to travel again. In the meantime, check out what you can do while staying at home.

Christmas is slowly but surely knocking on our doors. You can run but you can’t hide, it’s time to scratch your head and think about what to get for your loved ones, including those who love to travel the world. It could be your sister, brother, mother or even best friend. No matter who it is, a travel-related gift would be the best, that’s for sure!

Recently, I’ve done some research in order to find this perfect Christmas gift for my travel friends. It was not easy, but with such great choices available on the Internet, I bet everyone can find something that their loved ones will really like. I’ve collected some top picks and here is what I think would be the best as a Christmas gift for anyone who keeps on exploring the world like me and Cez.


Tinggly gift card

You may have never heard of Tinggly, but it’s getting very popular among travelers. Tinggly is a gift of an adventure – anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can’t go wrong with it because you don’t have to choose the actual activity or location. The person you give Tinggly Gift Box will have a choice of what they want to do, when and where, and there are over 300 experiences in more than 100 countries to choose from. Then they need to go for it within 2 years.

Get it now!


Let’s start from a very personal, yet affordable, present such as a homemade video. It may be time-consuming, but it will blow your travel friends mind away. You can gather all your friends and family members together and record a video of them sending your travel friends best wishes from all around the world. Cez did that few years ago for my birthday. He contacted fellow travel bloggers and our friends and asked them to contribute. It was the best birthday gift ever that I watch every birthday crying like a baby! You can do the same for your loved ones.

If you can’t find a perfect camera to capture those beautiful moments, Pentax MX-1 may help.

pentax MX-1 camera



If you feel like spending a bit more money, go for GoPro4 – an essential item for anyone who loves to take pictures and make movies on the road. This extraordinary camera is small, easy to carry (even during some hard-core  extreme sport experiences) and it’s waterproof up to 131 feet.

Get it now!


travel phone case

I would personally love to get such a classic travel gift. A travel phone case can look awesome! It could be easily sent to your friend by post or even given in person. It would always remind your loved one of you when taking phone pictures. If you don’t like this idea, how about buying a travel passport cover?

Get it now!



If your travel friend is going to hit the road soon, getting him or her a Kindle for Christmas couldn’t be more perfect. Why? Being on the road for a long period of time can make everyone feel a bit bored – I’m talking here about hours spent on the bus, plane and train. Instead of having another uncomfortable and unnecessary nap, your friend can use his or her and read a decent travel book without carrying around heavy blocks of paper.

Get it now!


mackbook air

If your loved one works on the road and you want him or her to do it comfortably, why not buy an ultrabook. Every serious or frequent traveller who is trying to become location independent should go for a  fast, lite and small travel laptop. Macbook Air seems to be a great pick in this case. It is not only amazingly fast but also power efficient.

Get it now!


travel diary

I believe that a travel diary, journal or a little notebook is always a great idea as a Christmas present for someone who loves to travel and take some notes on the road. It’s handy and useful to record those memories and adventures your friend may have and experience when traveling or even stick pictures collected from different places around the world.

Get it now!


Osprey Farpoint backpack

A light and small backpack is always a great idea for a Christmas present. Osprey Farpoint backpacks not only looks comfortable but also performs well when it comes to usability. Designed to fit laptops with up to 17 inch screens, filled with multiple zippered compartments and it’s super lite, what else would you ask for?

Get it now!


flight tickets

You can totally shock your loved ones by giving them flight ticket Christmas gift. You can send them to a nearby country or somewhere much further depending on your budget. These days flight tickets can be very affordable, starting from even $30 round trip.

Get it now!


world nomads travel insurance

Making sure your travel friends are safe when hitting the road is extremely important. Thus Travel Insurance can’t be skipped. What we can recommend is a protection plan from WorldNomads – simple, flexible and very affordable.

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That’s a perfect gift for all coffee and tea lovers whose passion is photography. The Thermo Lens Mug by Generic  would be a perfect fit, don’t you think?

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power bank

A unique look power bank with a wide range of applications and outdoor activities like camping, mountain climbing, and picnics would be a nice Christmas gift for a traveler. It could be a life-saver for someone who travels and uses a lot of electronics on the road.

Get it now!


google storage

If your laptop has never got broken, lost or stolen, you’re one of the lucky people the rest of us are envious of. This Christmas you can gift someone the piece of mind that comes with the cloud storage. Their photos will be always safe online and available to them on any device.

Get it now!



The Airbnb gift card can be sent by e-mail or post and it’s super easy to be added to any Airbnb account. It never expires so your travel friend can take time when planning next adventures.

Get it now!


packing cubes

Packing cubes are could be a great gift for someone who hates packing and keeps his or her backpack messy and can’t find anything afterwards.

Get it now!

Do you have any other Christmas gift ideas for travelers?

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Agness Walewinder
Agness Walewinder
Travel freak, vagabond, photography passionate, blogger, life enthusiast, backpacker, adventure hunter and endless energy couchsurfer living by the rule "Pack lite, travel far and live long!"
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30 thoughts on “15 Perfect Christmas Gifts for a Traveler”

  1. The Guy Who Flies

    Hi Agness,

    Early Merry Christmas wishes to you both.

    This is a great little list that you’ve compiled. I have a few of the items listed such as packing cubes, travel insurance, Macbook Air (love it) and a kindle (love this as well).

    I’ve never heard of Tinggly but it sounds like a great concept. The camera lens thermos is very novel and a great idea.

    As for the video, fab and inexpensive idea. Whilst it was for a different purpose I made a video from our pictures for my wife on our 2nd anniversary. The fact it was so personal and unique made it extra special and earnt me a few brownie points too ;-)

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Hey man!

      Happy Christmas to you as well. Tinggly is a concept that we are familiar with for some time. Really worth checking out! :).

      I bet your wife loved the video!! :)

  2. I bought the first one! I hope it’s worth it. I got it for my brother and sister-in-law because they like traveling. It’s good that it’s worth 2 years too because she just got a job.

  3. I expected to disagree and was pleasantly surprised. I might start using a travel journal now that I’ve toned it down on the blog. On the reals though, I don’t know anyone, mom included, who would buy me a traveling laptop :P.

  4. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Such a sweet idea of Cez to have made a video for you back then ☺ I did a Tinggly Experience this year in Venice and loved it and as for the go pro, I’m glad you recommended it because we bought one as a gift…err…for ourselves yesterday!

  5. Traveling Rockhopper

    I like the idea of travel diary, it’s simple and very useful because it helps us to keep our memories :)

  6. Tim UrbanDuniya

    Love them all!! Great gifts!! I can’t believe that video was three years ago – time has flown by. Meanwhile, I’m hoping for a MacBook Pro this year – it’s heavier than the MacBook Air, but I love the extra power and storage. And please someone give me coffee in one of those cups!!

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Yes Tim, I agree. Time flies and it seems like the video was last year. Thank you once again for contributing!

  7. Nice! I made a list of Christmas gifts also and some of the stuff are on my list also – camera, gear in general, airplane tickets for example!

  8. Great list! :) Can’t believe Christmas is approaching so quickly! I’d love to get any of these as a Christmas present :D I have a Kindle and Macbook Air and they’re amazing to have when travelling!

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