One Day In Bruges In Photos

Bruges is a  fairy-tale medieval town, the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, located  in the northwest of the country. When in Bruges, you can enjoy its  picturesque cobbled lanes and dreamy canals, try some Belgian chocolate, explore photogenic market squares lined with soaring towers, historic churches and old whitewashed almshouses. 

Here are some of my favourite photos taken in Bruges in December 2012 when backpacking Brussels on the cheap.

Streets of Bruges
Streets of Bruges

 I spot the tower of the Church of Our Lady of Bruges, as it’s the highest church tower in Europe. Saint-Salvator’s Cathedral is worth a look for its interesting tower, which had the top peak added later as it was considered too flat.

Local church in Bruges
Local church
Streets of Bruges
Streets of Bruges

I was astonished to discover the most delightful little city of canals and bridges, medieval Flemish architecture and higgldy-piggledy cobbled streets.

Bruges church
Spectacular Bruges church

You might want to stroll, amble and saunter down the streets of Bruges all day long or even for a whole weekend.

Bruges church

Often compared to Venice for its canals, Bruges also has a Florentine touch, evident in its Renaissance flamboyance thanks to a properous period in the 16th century.

bruges church
One of the sculptures

Maybe you prefer a boat trip on the mysterious canals. An unforgettable experience! And a ride in a horse-drawn carriage must surely be the perfect romantic outing.

Boat ride in Bruges
Boat ride in Bruges

A visit to Bruges isn’t complete without a boat trip on its canals. Go aboard at any of the five landing stages (consult city map) for a half-hour trip that allows you to appreciate the most noteworthy delights of the city from a completely different angle.

Horse ride
Horse ride across the town
Local postcards from Bruges
Local postcards
Boat ride in Bruges

 Like Venice, Bruges was famous for its high quality lace.


By the Burg main square, you’ll see that the traditions are still alive: lace shops and market stalls abound. Medieval brick buildings with their pretty gables complete the picture.

Bruges windows
Typical Venetian windows in Bruges
Bruges city center

I loved the Christmas Market in Bruges. There was a great variety of local delicacies sold in the street. I enjoyed a plate of churros – famous in Belgium and Spain  fried-dough pastry. it’s definitely one of my favourite budget Belgian street foods.


Bruges is the chocolate city par excellence. The city has more than 50 passionate chocolatiers and acts as a genuine chocolate laboratory. Nowhere in the world will you find better chocolate.

Choco kusse - chocolate kiss sold at Bruges Christmas Market
Choco kusse – chocolate kiss sold at Bruges Christmas Market
Bruges city center
Bruges main square

By the Burg main square, I saw that the traditions are still alive: lace shops and market stalls abound. Medieval brick buildings with their pretty gables complete the picture.

Locals doing some Christmas shopping
Bruges Christmas
Bruges getting ready for Christmas
Bruges chocolate shop display
Shop displays

How do you like Bruges? Would you make it there for a winter walk?


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45 thoughts on “One Day In Bruges In Photos”

  1. Bruges has been on my list for absolute yonks. I really need to get there soon! No excuse really as it’s easy to access from London too. Lovely pics!

    1. Jules, it is so close to London. Take Eurolines bus it’s gonna cost you around 8-10 euro to get there. Absolutely worth it!

  2. I would absolutely get some churros to go then go for a canal ride AND and a horse carriage ride. Both are huge bucket list wishes for me, Agness! I love the picture of the Venetian window. But, your retro black and white pic was awesome, our friend! :)

    1. Churros are amazing Mike. Imagine having them with some melted hot chocolate. No, no, no – I can’t even think of them!!! My stomach’s crumbling!

  3. Such a timely post! I’m headed to Bruges in a little over a excited to see it covered in snow with all the Christmas markets! Beautiful photos, now I’m looking forward to my trip even more! Also your Belgium cheap food post was really helpful =)

  4. Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Bruges looks so pretty! I have always heard it was the best Belgian city to visit or one not to miss and now I can see why. The food alone is very tempting.Beautiful pictures, Agness. You really captured the interesting architecture of the city.I’d love to go on that boat ride in the canal.

  5. Bridget @ A Traveling B

    Beautiful photography! You have such a great attention to detail to your photos…I felt like I was there with you. I need to make my way to Bruges one of these years!

  6. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans

    I love Bruges! It’s been years since I’ve been there, but I recall enjoying wandering through the narrow roads and gawking at the architecture and quaintness of it all. That Venetian window is gorgeous too!

  7. Pola (@jettingaround)

    These are some GREAT captions! My favorite would be the chocolatier and Venetian window. It’s been a while since my (brief) visit to Bruges, but I remember that it was very charming (and fries I got at the main square were to die for!). Churros? Didn’t see that coming!

  8. Such a beautiful place, and those chocolates look amazing! I was there a few years ago and it unfortunately rained the whole time. I’d love to go back and explore some more!

  9. Mike | Earthdrifter

    I feel that many people, including myself tend to forget about Belgium. These photos really bring out an exotic vibe.

    1. That’s so true Mike. Some people said Bruges was way too boring, but I found it extremely interesting! Loved its history!

  10. Hi Agness, what a stunning photo essay of Bruges. I’ve been to Bruges many years ago and your photos took me right back there. You captured the charm and spirit of city beautifully. It looks so charming even in winter time. I’d love to go back for a winter walk sometime.

  11. What wonderful photos. Ever since we saw the really quirky and wonderful film “In Bruges” Ive wanted to go there- they as you, caught the city’s wonderful medieval character.

  12. wonderful photos … i like it one day I will visit Bruge I wish destiny help me . thank you for this great photos Agness Walewinder

    1. It’s my favourite place in Belgium too, right after Brussels :)!! Had the best chocolate there. Merry Christmas to you too! All the best!

  13. I haven’t been to Bruges yet but it’s definitely on the list. Looks absolutely beautiful and it really is easy access to get to. We’re off to Brussels in a couple of weeks, maybe we’ll take a detour.

  14. Stefania - the Italian Backpacker

    Mmmmh, I was thinking of Bruges as a spring kind of trip, but you’ve made me change my mind. It’s beautiful in winter too!

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