12 French Sweets You Must Try Before You Die

Today, Elena of Elana’s Travelgram is going to share with us 12 most delicious and amazingly looking pastries you would not resist when visiting France. She describes herself as a 20-something Ukrainian girl who often gets lost in different corners of the world. She is currently living an expat life in France.

Do you know how France actually tastes like? Sweet. It’s a heaven for all the foodies and sweet-toothed. With gorgeous boulangeries and patisseries nearly at every corner you simply can’t miss trying the next sweet delights. Let’s see what top 12 french sweets you simple can’t afford to miss when in France:

#1 Chausson aux pommes.

These small buns made of puff pastry filled with rich-flavored apple mash inside may not look special, yet they taste magnificent! It’s one of the most traditional French baking that was originally made in 1580 at a tiny city of Saint-Calais, Northern France. When the severe epidemic of plague killed nearly 2/3 of the city’s population, it is told that one lady made a huge apple pie that reminded of a slipper (chausson) to feed all the starving who were forced to stay in town and it helped to prevent further spreading of the disease. In 1992 Saint Calais community established La confrérie du Chausson aux Pomme – a brotherhood of bakers and locals who organize a parade and a festive each first Sunday of September with lots of chaussons aux pommes and other traditional dishes made and served to everyone.

сhausson aux pommes

#2 Le Merveilleux.

The name of the desert “Marvel” totally corresponds to its taste. A floating meringue desert filled with floral cream and chocolate or vanilla light cream and generously sprinkled with chocolate feathers or crunchy cookie crumbs. They filling and decorations may differ from Boulangerie to Boulangeries.

Photo credit: Vincci

#3 Saint-Honoré Cake.

Did you know there’s a special saint who patronizes all bakers and pastry chefs? That’s Saint Honorewhom you should thank for each magnificent desert you taste J. This cake’s traditionally made with crème cheboust for filling and whipped cream for decoration. The best thing about this cake are these small balls dipped in caramelized brown sugar and filled with lots of cream.

Photo credit: CityofAnnie

#4 Ice Cream.

Though, it’s Italy who’s well-known for its amazing gelato, the French crème glacée is none the worse! Starting from standard flavors like lemon, strawberry or mango, you can as well taste something as gourmet (or weird) as goat-cheese, pine, rosemary, carrot or even beet. Check out Terre Adelice in Vieux Lyon for best ice cream experience!

ice cream

#5 Patted’ours.

This small bun made of crunchy puff pastry and liquid chocolate filling that is very similar to Nutella and is called bear’s paw for its cute shape.

Photo credit: Yumelise

#6 Mango tart.

An amazing crunchy basket topped with caramelized or jelly covered mango pieces. In Paris, you should definitely grab few at at La Pâtisserie des Rêves.

Mango Tarte
Photo credit: Phreddie

#7 Marie Antoinette desert.

I fell in love with the visual appearance of this one at first and the taste has proven to be even better! It’s made of two meringue macaron calves filled with light vanilla or rose cream, fresh raspberries and a few blueberries on top for decoration.

Marie Antoinette desert
Photo credit: Carl Marletti

#8 Coussin de Lyon.

Lyon’s local sweet specialty. A candy made of greenish marzipan filled with chocolate ganache and a few drops of curacao. For the first time this sweet was made in 1960 by a local chocolatier Mr. Voisin, who was inspired by the shape of a cushion used in the medieval ceremony for caring a 7 pound wax candle and a crown to the Fourvière hill.

Coussin de Lyon
Photo credit: JaHoVil

#9 Paris-Brest.

An amazing cake sandwich filled with thick praline-flavored cream and covered with feather-like peanut slices. It was first made in 1910 as a commemoration of the famous bike race Paris-Brest-Paris held in 1891, round-shaped, so that it resembled a wheel.

#10 Tarte Framboise.

Another totally fantastic treat that is hard to describe in words. Fresh raspberries on a bedding of jelly-like vanilla cream in a crusty basket.

Raspberry tart
Photo credit: Guillaume Angibert

#11 Chouquette.

These are like tiny éclairs, traditionally made of yummy choux pastry without any filling and sprinkled with sugar pearls. Yet some patisseries offer chouquettes with mouse or custard fillings or additionally covered with chocolate.

Photo credit: M.D.

#12 Brioche Praline Rose.

A traditional Brioche is made with lot’s eggs and butter that makes it dough taste so rich. This one’s made special by adding nuts, caramelized in rose syrup. Total yum!

Brioche Praline Rose
Photo credit: M.D.

You can also check out the full list of 23 French pastry you should try before you die written by Elena and follow her adventures on Bloglovin’.

 Which one of these delicious pastries would like like to dig in?


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76 thoughts on “12 French Sweets You Must Try Before You Die”

  1. Jessica @ Independent Travel Cats

    Love French pastries so much! I think my list would be a bit different, but there are just so many great ones out there!

  2. Holy cow!! I’ve been on a low sugar diet for almost a year now and I’m salivating, this is torture they all look so yummy!

  3. Oh wow they all look delicious but if I had to choose it probably would have to be Marie Antoinette desert, it looks so colourful!

  4. Whoa reading this post definitely made me hungry. I would love to try #6 since I love mango and I would totally agree that the appearance of the Marie Antoinette desert is to die for alone. I wish we had some of these around where I am.

    1. Agness Walewinder

      I also love mango. My favourite dessert in Thailand was sticky rice with fresh mango on top. Simply yummy!

  5. Wonderful selection of indulgent eats. I especially like the name Marvel :-)

    This brings back memories of my last trip to Sacre Coeur in Paris. The ice cream shops in that area have some of the best ice creams I’ve ever known.

  6. Oh my goodness, why did I read this right before lunch. I’m basically drooling over here, I want to try everything!

  7. Casey @ A Cruising Couple

    Considering we are in France right now, this is NOT going to be good for my waistline, but it is going to be oh so good for my soul! Thanks for sharing! Next week we go to Paris where I’m going to be taking a macaron making class, and I am so so so excited :)

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Are you in France now? I’m so jealous. Keep eating and don’t worry about your waistline. Diet will start next year :).

  8. i am drooling over every single one of these! i’ve only tried a few of them….bookmarking this for our next french trip!!

  9. OMG all of these look so good!!! I have such a weak spot for sweets haha. I’ll have to get my hands on that Marie Antoinette pastry the next time i’m in France….I love macaroons!!

  10. By golly…foodgasms galore! All of these look incredibly scrumptious, thanks for the feature and I’ll be sure to look at for them when I go to France! Tarts ftw!

      1. Wow! these sweets look so amazing! If im going to Europe this October, I really need to try some of these.

  11. Sonja @ The {Happy} Travel Bug

    Delish! I’m going to France next year and feel the need to try every one of those! ;)

  12. Ron | Active Planet Travels

    Man those dishes look delicious…can’t wait to visit Europe and go on a foodie rage! lol

  13. Lesley Peterson

    WONDERFUL photographs! That merveilleux really looks marvelous. Imagine there’s a saint in charge of all desserts. Only in France!

  14. Sand In My Suitcase

    What a great collection of delicacies! But a chocolate croissant is enough to put is into sweet heaven.

  15. Milena Yordanova

    They all look so yummy! I wish I was in France so I could try all of them. The bear’s paw is so cute.

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